If I were a Democrat

If I were a Democrat, I can only imagine that I would be very unhappy with the new health care law. I would probably be sitting at home on my couch (unemployed these past few years since the unions forced the plant to close and all the jobs went overseas) drinking a beer, playing video games on my big screen TV and pondering why my fellow Socialist Democrat partners in crime just turned my world upside down. You see, I would now be living off of the government teat, and before obamacare I would have had a very comfortable lifestyle. I would have had free housing, free food, free Pot (If I lived in Colorado!), a free obamaphone, and if any of my momma’s babies got sick, all I would have had to do was take them to the emergency room where they would be diagnosed and treated for FREE! (Gotta love those tax paying Republicans!) Now, with this mandatory health care law and all those darn deductables, I might actually have to get up off of my couch and go out and find a JOB! My “teat time” would be drastically reduced as a result and I would not be at all happy about it. If I were a Democrat, I would have to seriously consider becoming a Republican. No. Wait a second. I could never do that. If I did, each time I picked up my paycheck I would get upset thinking about how many of my tax dollars were going to support some welfare recipient who was doing nothing but sitting at home on his couch drinking beer and playing video games on his bigscreen…


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