It’s Time

The above article adds little to what you and I already understand regarding threats to our country, but perhaps its value to us is more motivational than adjusting our knowledge.

After reading the article, I wonder if you come away seeing any preparedness areas or actions you should take in case this prison horde were to be released into society some day. Whether or not something like this ever happens, we cannot predict. But preparing for such an onslaught, if it were to happen, we can do.

Our federal government will soon begin implementation of punitive measures related to recently established laws and policies. Violations of Obamacare resulting in steep penalties and fines, or prison, and private property confiscation (theft) managed by our new attorney general (appointed to the AG position because she does that job with such success!) should clearly tell us that the American people are in for some serious hurt. You and I need to make a choice as these measures confront us: will we do nothing and relinquish more independence, or will we engage these lawless actions as needed?

It is imperative for us, while still having the freedom to move about as we desire and to acquire things needed, to develop relationships and thoughtful responses to this growing lawlessness and tyranny in OUR (The People’s) land. If you have convictions sufficient to stand against this tsunami of destruction, courage to become involved to the degree required for your task, and are willing to do what is necessary to stop or stem the advance of our foes, you better get things in place as quickly as possible.

We must face the fact that America is at war. Jihadist Islam and other anti-constitutionalists have made their intent clear. They have assumed control of, or influence over, so much of our government and social structure it makes me ill to think of this. We the American people must come to grips with all this and live as if at war. We have not, so far, accepted this reality, thus we contribute to the death of our country.

Please consider my words. The time is right to talk with others you know who share these views and to unite in shared convictions and concerns. All of us must work together in new ways to face and overcome any and all imminent threats to our joint future.  -Gideon

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