The Coalition

Greetings, Everyone.

In my prior letter, I provided some context for our current political and social state of affairs and drew the following conclusions: We face numerous anti-American (anti-constitution) forces which seek the demise of the United States. Each of these entities is itself a system of sorts, typically comprised of some bits of political, social, even possessing some religious concoction or flair. Whatever a system of this nature turns out to be, call it what you wish, packaged and presented as “the Truth” for mankind to recognize and submit to, adherents of this view push it as true or true enough to serve as a narrative for the masses. Finally, I said that system contains its own weaknesses, which if understood and exploited, can lead to the group’s defeat.

Many Americans are currently giving their all and their best at battling back against our enemies. No one has a desire to expect more from these folks. Those of us coming online and into the ranks behind them need to quickly move up to the battle front, push through portals these others have created, and deliver the biggest “bang for our buck.”

To begin moving this direction, I offered the following as items each of us should commit to and advance, always asking others to join us each and every day: Everyone works for a unifying principle or ideal. Openly reject the transformation of the United States of America into the North American Union (NAU). Separate ourselves from any entity—public or private—demanding we agree to become NAU citizens and to forsake our USA citizenship. We will exercise our right to free speech and freedom to worship as we want and without government interference. We reject any tyrannical leadership, rule, or power over our and others’ lives. We refuse to use deceit, as do our enemies. And, we commit to the growth of our republic as a sovereign nation state.

At this time, I expand further the Coalition idea.

The Coalition is now called the “Pro-Constitution Citizens Coalition.” If any American citizen cannot or will not abide by the US Constitution’s order, this Coalition will not be a good place to come.

The Coalition is not a formal group. It has no membership or participant roster. It is a segment of people from all US citizens who cherish American ideals and voluntarily choose to live out their individual lives to preserve and promote them. Conscience and rule of law, self-governance, individual responsibility, and respect direct us.

Our unity of purpose gives both unity of identity and voice. As stated above, if need be, Coalition participants will separate to preserve their families and property, and will rally as one and prepare for the next level of engagement.

The Coalition permits no racial or other form of discrimination. We look beyond the temporal aspects of people and the creation for our unifying principles, and cherish human life as fully as possible. We will meet any challenge as required.

Each Coalition participant has unique skills and experiences, and each can impact local community members, as well as join together for specific projects aimed at taking back the power from any government body that has gone rogue and turned against the people. “We the People” will hold lawless and corrupt officials accountable, and they will not be permitted to continue to destroy this country without going through us.

Once the People have taken the power back, enemies like the Muslim Brotherhood will have lost their inroad into our national and international policy centers, and our security and defense centers. This is a crucial step and everyone’s participation is needed.

Coalition members are expected to educate themselves and others on the proper form of US government, engage others on this topic and current affairs, and enlist as many individuals as possible who side with our pro-constitution stance and efforts to reclaim America.

All Coalition participants are asked to physically resist acts against citizens committed by lawless government agencies, such as those from the attorney general’s office involving the illegal confiscation of personal property, euphemistically known as “personal asset forfeiture.”

Force must be met with greater force. The task of those intending to rob American citizens must be seen by them as involving too high a risk. These lawless people must be shut down, and citizens protected. Everyone needs to be on board with this. They could come for you or your neighbor. If people arrive at your home to take assets from you, and they are met by 50 neighbors who refuse let them pass, things will change quickly. Any force must be met with a greater force.

Additionally, a special group designated the Pro-Constitution Citizen Coalition Freedom Fighters will be encouraged to evolve. This group is not suggested for everyone. This group will have a visible and invisible face. Those visible will by their existence send a message to tyrants that we will not permit unconstitutional actions to proceed unchallenged. Also, this group will act as a counter weight to threats from groups like ISIS, as well as any other anti-constitution force now training in secret to one day venture out to strike America. The invisible face will be all Coalition citizens who will create and maintain the underground network providing safe houses, supplies, medical care, transportation etc., to those in the visible ranks needing to make use of such assets.

As you surmise, the Coalition is a long term strategy, but the hour is late, and it must become functional now!

Look for more.


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