The Coalition: The Plan, 1

The phone rang just as Ron and Cheryl counted down the last few seconds of their 5 minute wait.  Before Ron had a chance to speak, O-Man’s voice came through telling him to not say a word but to listen carefully. “Relocate the car to the far corner of the strip mall. Park in front of the clothing store. Enter the clothing store and walk to the fitting rooms located at the left rear. Someone there will help you.” Click. “Wow!” was Ron’s immediate reaction. “Another jerk on our chain!” Hearing O’s familiar voice encouraged them briefly, but any remaining hope for a pleasant conversation over coffee was now all but a memory.

As instructed, Ron began moving the car. Cheryl suggested they add another item to their code system.  If either of them thought they needed to vacate the meeting for safety reasons, one of them would say, “It sure is stuffy in here. I need to get some air.” The first sentence was to alert the other of a concern. Upon saying “air” in the second sentence they were to make a break for the door. Feeling better having expanded their code system, the couple entered the store and walked casually to the back.

“Cheryl, how is anyone going to know who we are and that we’re supposed to obtain instructions? We just can’t go around asking people if they have secret instructions for us.” Before she could confront Ron with the obvious he blurted out, “Uh! Man those are some ugly shoes! Definitely candidates for the Do Not Wear list!” “Think about it Ron. They found us at the coffee shop. I’m sure the person knows what we look like, and probably knows what time we’d show up. Genius not needed to figure that out.”

Neither Ron nor Cheryl noticed the individual coming up behind them but upon hearing “May I help you?” they both turned to the voice. There stood a young man, well, perhaps a kid of 16 to 18. “Yea, I’m Ron and this is my wife Cheryl. We’re looking for . . .” “Sir,” their contact interrupted. “Please don’t say any more. Just follow me.” The contact escorted them to a rear exit, walked them across a small parking area to a trail which led through heavily treed property to a neighborhood below. The guide spoke some final words and bid them a blessed day. They were to take the trail down to the street, go left, then cross the street and enter the open garage at the third house on the right.

Moving at a good pace, Cheryl whispered to Ron as they turned up the driveway, “You certain this is what we need to get involved with?” Ron simply smiled back, not really sure what to say. True, the morning wasn’t what they anticipated, but he himself needed to see how things played out. “Welcome you two!  Come on in. So glad you’re finally here!”  It was Nicki, the girl from the coffee shop. Ron remembered enough about her to be sure of that. Cheryl spoke quietly to Ron, “Here we go. I’m following your lead.” Ron’s anxiety jumped up a few levels at hearing that the ball was in his hands.

O-Man stood up from the kitchen table greeting the couple, right hand extended with a welcoming smile. “Ron and Cheryl, I’m so glad you stuck with our little security routine this morning. Putting up with it tells me a lot about you both. You’ll come to learn that we take great care to protect each other.” Ron thought to himself, “Protection? From whom? This needs clarifying before our time is done today.” O-Man continued, “From this point forward, unless we are at work, Ron, you both are to call me Oscar.  Please, make yourselves comfortable. I have much to share, so grab something to drink, use the restroom as needed.”

Nicki took a few moments to connect with Cheryl while Ron disappeared down the hallway. When the four were seated, Oscar began. “Ron and Cheryl, you know just enough about the Coalition to realize that it’s something that attracts you and have some interest in becoming involved with it. Before continuing, I must know that both of you are committed to this effort long term. Both of you are standing before a line at this very moment. The line is your lives. If you commit to work toward the Coalition’s goals, you have no more ‘back’ to go back to. Is this clear?” Ron and Cheryl looked at each other, then without saying a word turned to look at Oscar. Together they replied “We’re committed.”

Ron began detailing the history and nature of the Coalition, how it operates and some of its goals. From the start, he made crystal clear that the only qualifier for someone to participate was support for the US Constitution, its truths, principles, values, and structural forms for governance. That’s it!  “Our county has already been taken over. Coalition participants are convinced that both major political parties have abandoned the people and are running full speed into the global world order. Citizens are now subjects, and we will stay subjects unless we bring national power back to the people. Check out the Emperor’s speech last spring. It’s educational and frightening. Also, our discussion is likely to get off on numerous tangents. That’s ok. This time is for you both, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Ok?”

Cheryl and Ron agreed.  Ron added, “Thanks Oscar. That really means a lot. We’ve talked about this opportunity almost continually since you mentioned it and appreciate the flexibility regarding questions as we go along.” Satisfied they could begin, Oscar continued, “The Coalition’s goal is to reclaim the country. To get the power back to citizens, reestablish our identity, and preserve national sovereignty. And here’s how we’ll do that.”

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