The Coalition: The Plan, 2

The Coalition: The Plan, 2

“Max, where did you get all these quotes we’re discussing this morning? Here I am in my 60’s, and I’ve never read anything like this. I feel I have so much to catch up on and most of my life’s over. This stuff is excellent!” asked Tom.

“So glad you asked, Tom. You all should get the book they are from, ‘On Justice, on Power, and Human Nature’ by Thucydides. Anyone interested in Freedom Fighter leadership positions will have to read this book and discuss it, along with a few others, before a council. Even if leadership is not your goal, you should read this book and think hard on what it covers. Ok everyone, we have a few more hours to go today. Any other questions before we continue?” Max paused for a moment.

“All right, we were discussing what goes into considering preemptive actions given one group’s resources, size, etc., instead of waiting for what some might consider more favorable conditions.” Max’s group continued their studies for the remainder of that Saturday. At end he felt very confident about those who were coming on board as Freedom Fighters. They are all unique, many older, some retired, each one with solid commitment to the U.S. Constitution, diverse life experiences, and the unquenchable desire to take this country back and rid it of tyranny wherever that’s found. Each attendee sought greater hands on opportunities with the Coalition and somehow made their way to Max. His plan was to finish up with this group in Arizona then get back to Colorado for some training.

Max is integral to the Coalition, especially the Freedom Fighters. One of his jobs is to organize the team that would counter and hunt ISIS and other jihadist groups already in the US or working their way here to do harm. Citizens are taking this responsibility themselves, since the proper authorities ignore it. His informant network already had solid intel from which plans are set to execute when the time warranted. Max is also heading up the project to expose the Muslim Brotherhood. They put so much effort into planning their project to bring down America, but their fatal error—which very few understand—Max is using as a guide for his work. So simple, and so overlooked.

The other meeting taking place that Saturday was at an empty home for rent near Denver. Oscar was just about to begin discussing the Coalition’s plans with Ron and Cheryl when the sound of what must have been a phone from another room was heard. Oscar quickly answered the phone saying nothing but the numbers 6, 6. He hung up and returned to the table. “What are you all looking at me like that for?” said Oscar.

“Well, that was kind of a strange call, Oscar. I guess Cheryl and I are not use to living as covertly as others do.” Ron just meant to convey the security emphasis was different for them. Oscar assumed that was their intent, but he took the opportunity to add, “You both realize how new to all this you are. Nicki here understands the need for security. I strongly suggest creating a code system for just you two; no one else.” Cheryl and Ron nodded acknowledging they got his message. “In about 8 minutes you will meet my wife Jo coming through the garage door. She knows you are here; that was her on the phone. So, let’s get started.

“Conditions across the U.S. are extremely fragile. So many pressures are weighing on us, any one of which could ignite a devastating crisis with unimaginable ramifications. Our national leadership has abandoned the people and is corrupt and self-serving. Our legal and judicial systems are operating in a lawless manner outside of constitutional parameters. Our country has been under attack for decades from the inside and those responsible to protect the nation have sided with the enemy. Unless America’s citizens take a different course of action, the country will disappear.

“Given this situation, the Coalition, or PCC, Pro-Constitution Citizens Coalition, is suggesting people separate from what everyone acknowledges is an illegitimate, false, phony, illegal, and destructive government.” Cheryl’s and Ron’s jaws dropped while their eyes strained against their designed limits. “What!” Cheryl shouted, as Ron asked, “You’re kidding, right Oscar?”

“No, Ron. I’m not. Citizens have for many years attempted to work through the system to bring responsible people into office who promised they’d deal with abuses of power and corruption, but they never do. The president and many federal departments view free citizens as subjects, even enemies. The IRS, you recall, intimidated people and even brought criminal charges against conservatives they considered threats to the administration or opposition to their political perspective. They intentionally set out to target and destroy people’s lives. Millions of Americans plan on stopping it now before more damage happens.

“The Coalition is taking a new direction. Washington will soon know millions of citizens refuse to submit to its authority. We are fed up, and we refuse to put up with Washington’s ways any longer.

“Globalization is being jammed down our throats, and we don’t want that. The southern border needs to be closed and illegals dealt with. The Muslim Brotherhood and all the damage it has done to destroy this country from within needs to be exposed to everyone. Up to now, we the people have lost control. If American citizens do not take a strong stand now the country is lost forever. Some folks are discussing not paying taxes until the President and members of Congress repent of violating their oaths of office, confess their wrongdoing to the people, and retake their oaths publicly before all Americans. Our tax dollars are spent supporting this lawless and corrupt administration and that must stop.”

Cheryl interrupts, “But Oscar, how in the world does the coalition expect to pull this off? If I’m hearing you right, people may have to give up their jobs, go to jail . . . Oh this is overwhelming.”

“Cheryl’s right, Oscar, this is crazy.”

“Ron, hear me out. Let’s give this a bit more discussion. Ok?”

“Ok, Oscar. We’re still with you but I . . .” Everyone jumped as the door to the garage suddenly opened, surprising them, and in walked Jo.

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