The Coalition: The Plan, 3

“Hi, Jo!” Oscar greeted his wife as she entered. “Hello, everyone!” Jo replied, arms full of stuff. “Nice to meet you, Cheryl and Ron. Oscar told me you both would be here today. Really glad you came. Hi Nicki. Hope things are good with you.” “Hi, Jo! Yeah, things are fine,” Nicki replied smiling.

“Hey,” Jo said, “did you all hear about the protests in Germany against the spread of Islam there? That’s turning out to be quite a news item. I wonder how much longer before Americans finally wake up get in gear on our problems with it. Oscar, have you told them what those people up north and in Detroit are doing?” Jo asked. “Not yet, but I will shortly,” he replied. Then Jo continued, “You guys will get a kick out of what these people are doing. I’ll leave so I don’t give it way but have Oscar tell ya!

“Oscar, I need some time in back then I’ll join you guys. Here’s some snacks. Bye, everyone!” Moving with purpose, Jo smiled and waved as she walked briskly down the hallway. “We will do just that! Thanks, dear!” Oscar spoke while peering into the bag of treats. “You all grab something to eat and then we’ll continue.” Nicki snatched the bag before Ron was able to take it from Oscar. Their chuckling soon ended.

Looking intently at those seated with him Oscar stressed, “I need to tell you up front that as a result of what you’ll learn today, you will see the size of the problem people like us face in reclaiming this country, and you may decide to just give up. I understand this, because initially I came to that conclusion myself. You will be overwhelmed by the end of the day and any enthusiasm now held may be replaced by hopelessness. When this ton of bricks lands on you, it’s ok to walk away for a while; but then please reconnect. Understood?” Everyone at the same time in low voice replied, “Understood.” Ron’s reply was unintelligible, because his mouth was full of Danish.

“Please keep in mind that the Coalition is not an official group. No membership. No dues. No card to carry. No leaders. Few formal plans. We’re not an army, or a militia, or a hungry-for-battle-and-blood hate group of any type. We are the pool of citizens across this great country who share at least one key goal, which is to retake this country and reestablish the constitutional framework for law and life. When, in the big picture, the final ‘Us vs. Them’ gets defined, we hope enough citizens know the Pro-Constitution Citizen Coalition, PCC, or The Coalition, is the ‘Us’ and everyone against America remaining a sovereign constitutional republic is the ‘Them.’

“That said, the Coalition does network information, resources, plans and people. We mainly encourage each other by sharing information with others across the nation about what we are doing, because the media is not reporting this. We keep in touch to let other patriots know they are not alone, and to show them ways to have an impact in their areas as well as connect outside their areas if needed. People who are involved with the Coalition know there is a larger network of others like them out there, that there is more for them to do than what they are involved in now. Many are looking for ideas and possible partners for their own ideas.

“The Coalition works to make the objectives of America’s enemies more difficult to obtain. We’re not concerned with how many Coalitionists exist. We simply need to encourage one another to stay on task, educate, enlist, and engage wherever possible. We can have ‘the voice of the Coalition’ speak, but this isn’t necessary. Actions speak well all by themselves. People protesting the recent restrictive gun laws in Washington state is a great example of what others all across America need to be doing. Multiply that event by dozens, or even hundreds, and the message will be felt.

“Many Coalitionists have financial resources but lack the time, talent or skill, or are physically unable to take part, but they are ready to help fund projects or loan resources; such as buildings, second or rental homes, vehicles, aircraft, and so on. Any project costs are typically borne by those doing the project, and they are certainly free to solicit funds if they want, since no person or group is responsible to the Coalition. If a project looks to have significant value, and certain people catch wind of it, then others in different or overlapping networks might take interest and provide other resources. Some backers must avoid public notice, but they exist and are ready to assist.”

Ron yawned, “Sorry Oscar. The sugar trip from that Danish is kill’n me. ‘Scuse me, I’m going to grab some more coffee,” Ron said as he slowly stood and moved toward the kitchen.

“We’ll take a longer break before too long,” Oscar told the group as he joined Ron. “Let’s cover an interesting project currently underway, the one Jo mentioned.” Oscar hurriedly topped off his own cup like Ron had. They both ate similar Danishes, in addition to bagels, and are now struggling to stay awake. “Remember,” Oscar continued as he finished up in the kitchen, “people across the country are coming up with ideas on their own, and they implement them on their own. This is what we are desperately trying to get all pro-Constitution citizens to see and begin doing. The Coalition has some eyes and ears out keeping in touch with what’s happening across the country, and we’re seeding ideas as we can.

“Pamela Geller, anyone familiar with her?” Oscar asked.

(To be continued in The Plan, 4)

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