The Coalition: The Plan, 4

“No.” “Nope.” “I’m not.” Ron, Cheryl, and Nicki replied. “Check out her website and sign up for her daily news emails. She covers and engages radical Islam with a unique flair and edginess. Her energy and courage are remarkable. Pamela has been successful in posting quotes from the Koran and truthful historical information on Islam’s hate filled anti-Semitism on public transit buses and local advertising billboards, etc. New York and San Francisco are the areas I’m familiar with. She’s successfully defended her actions in court and has won. How could a charge of her misrepresenting Islam be justified when she simply quotes from the Koran?

Following Pamela Geller’s messaging campaign on public buses and stationary advertisement signs, a few Coalitionists in Michigan, Detroit, and I think Memphis is coming on board too, are putting messages on city buses and commercial billboards exposing the Brotherhood for what it is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing, liars, deceivers, sponsors of terrorism, instrumental in maintaining the Palestinian struggle, keeping efforts and finances flowing toward the creation of an Islamic state, a group whose goal is to bring down America and, eventually, make the world Islamic. Those Coalitionist groups are working to educate people with the truth on the Brotherhood as fast as possible. Along with CAIR, which can be discussed another time, the Brotherhood is one of those ‘domestic enemies’ elected officials swore to protect American against that we must defeat.

“Exposure is one thing the Brotherhood does not want. They can successfully lie and get by when their critics are few and their media coverage limited. But if the nation becomes sufficiently educated, the Brotherhood would have no means to squelch such a widespread impact. Along with exposure, Coalitionists have a good chance to shame them. A number of people across this country must recognize this convergence of actions as an opportunity to launch an ‘Exposure and Shame Campaign.’ Mass public outcry as to who these people are and what these people have been able to do is an untold story the public must realize and rally behind, and then overwhelm them, along with the responsible government officials who failed in keeping their oaths to protect America from such enemies, with guilt and shame! Talk about a real life victimization scam of global proportions!

“In addition, and this I wanted to hold till later, but it fits naturally here, Coalitionists must also create a ‘Citizens Court’ where the citizens of this United States hold trial, and we the people charge and try people and groups before all America who are responsible for our current condition. We know the unjust own and rule the justice system in this country. We know they are not above the law. And both we and they fully recognize they refuse to live by the law—although, in traditional historical fashion, we the people are expected to. Therefore, the citizens must bypass traditional legal venues and judge those responsible directly. Because the trials will be in absentia, sentencing isn’t realistically expected to be carried out, but the shame can be anchored to history forever so people’s legacies will declare the truth! Soros comes to mind as a candidate for this. Action such as this follows from faithful pro-Constitutionalists separating from society, by default establishing a separate society, then speaking back to the corrupt society. Much more needs to be explained on this, but later.

“Ideas are coming in, but many think something like a reality TV show or coordinated websites receiving verifiable information on such people are the best ways to go. Establishing a people’s court for the truth is a critical step for getting the power back into the hands of the citizens. Of course, word-of-mouth, neighbor to neighbor is always an effective way to spread certain information and awareness. Larger audiences take a larger communication method. Pressures generated by such actions as I just described, exposure and judgment by the people, should force the Brotherhood and self-centered elected officials to divert attention and resources from their set game plan to run damage control. This change of focus is the people’s opportunity to be prepared with follow up actions to further the power shift.“

“Wow, Oscar! I don’t quite know what to say!” Ron somehow uttered. Nicki was gripping her coffee cup so hard you could hear it cracking. And Cheryl was about to burst! “Oscar, what great ideas! Are things like this really happening? I mean, are people already doing stuff like this, and are these your ideas or someone else’s?” asked Cheryl .

“The strategies come from various people throughout the country; groups sometimes work on them, and whoever is naturally drawn to the ideas will carry them out. Everything aims the same direction with the same overall objective. So, let me ask, given what we’ve covered so far, are you beginning to see the nature of the actions that the Coalition wants to encourage? Is this approach beginning to make sense to you all? Ron? Cheryl? Nicki?” Oscar received thoughtful nods from the three. “Good. I’m glad. Let’s go on.

Walid Shoebat is another person to follow. You’ll recognize the value of him in conjunction with Pamela Geller in no time. And then there’s the work Frank Gaffney does with the Center for Security Policy . Frank’s work is really excellent and unique. Make time to review his radio blog archives and listen to as many 10 minute pod casts as interest you. He offers high level insights on Islamic and geopolitical topics, and he has the best lineup of guests I’ve seen. Many are former national level administrative staff people or elected officials, CIA, military, defense, experts and analysts across a wide range of current hot spots, including Iran, China, Russia, and the countries of Central and South America. Your perspective of America’s threats will grow exponentially by following Frank.”

“Oscar, I’m saturated right now,” said Cheryl.

(To be continued in The Plan, 5)

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