The Coalition: The Plan, 7

Oscar grabbed his Coke, headed to the table, and heard the ladies coming through the back door giggling rather conspiratorially. He asked them when they sat down, “What’s up with you two?”

Nicki, snickering, said, “Ron fell asleep in the backyard with his mouth open and we just left him there. Want us to wake him up?” Oscar, grinning, said, “I’ll take care of it,” but just then Ron stumbled in, thwarting Oscar’s idea for a prank. Ron was picking leaves out of his hair, and seeing everyone stare at him, asked, “What?” Oscar responded, “You woke up before I could show the ladies a trick I learned when I was younger!”

“Oh, so I guess I woke up just in time!” Ron chuckled and sat down.

Oscar continued, “All right, everyone. Notice that we have not been taking notes, and while you may want to, it’s important to have no written record of today’s discussion. What we talk about, whether now or in the future, must remain between only those who take part in those discussions. For instance, Nicki, if we talk by ourselves sometime today, whatever we talk about stays between us. Likewise, Ron and Cheryl, the same applies to our talks. This is called ‘compartmentalization’ and the entire Coalition has adopted this as a hard and fast rule for communicating. It is for your protection as well as the organization’s security. Everyone is responsible for maintaining security at all times, individually and as a group. I’ll have more details on security later. Any questions about this now?” No one had any questions.

“Ron, you wanted to talk about shotguns. What would you like to know?”

“Well, Oscar, Cheryl and I have a couple pistols, and we each have an AR. We’ve been thinking about getting a shotgun for Cheryl and wanted to know your thoughts about gauge.”

“Excellent question, Ron. That all depends. Cheryl, do you have any experience with shotguns? Have you fired a 12 gauge before?”

Cheryl answered, “Very little, actually. We shot a friend’s short-barrel 12 gauge the other day and it was a little intimidating. I didn’t really like shooting it.”

Oscar nodded knowingly. “Would the shotgun be strictly for home defense, which would be for short distances, or for hunting or sport shooting, which would also include longer distances?”

Cheryl answered, “Well, I’d really like to do both.”

“Ok,” Oscar said. “Here are some suggestions. A 20 gauge is great for both home defense and sport use. Remington and Mossberg make some of the best shotguns on the market. I’d recommend a pump action over semi-automatic because they are less likely to jam. For someone with a smaller frame, the 20 gauge is available in a youth model that is shorter and lighter than a full-size model. I’d look at those first. Cherry Valley Gun Club has variations of both available for rent. Try them out before you buy one. Keep in mind the need to have enough ammunition on hand, for all your weapons; buy it when you can. Gunbot is a great place to find ammunition deals. Only a few companies make buckshot for the 20 gauge so grab that when you see it, because it disappears quickly. You will want to load up on slugs as well. Decide on the gun, then let’s reconnect on the ammo. Does this help?”

“Yeah, Oscar, really great ideas! Thanks! That’s why we call you O-Man!” Ron’s respect for Oscar was obvious. “We’ll definitely start looking at those things later today,” Cheryl added.

Nicki spoke up. Looking at Oscar, she asked, “Hey, Oscar, aside from buying guns and ammunition for self-defense, what else are people doing to resist government overreach?

“Well, Nicki, let me think… Ok. Here’s something I heard recently. An individual who had been sharing the Coalition idea with others met a retired electrician. The electrician enjoyed reading survival novels but feared, as related in one novel, that his vehicles might be confiscated by authorities in an emergency. So he created dead man switches for all his vehicles that he can activate anytime and prevent his trucks and equipment from being stolen. He also developed electronic motion sensors for some Coalitionists to use during reconnaissance activities to cover blind spots. Now the guy is working on a personal jamming device for people to wear in public to prevent their phones and credit cards from being scanned.”

“Oscar, that’s wild. I cannot believe we are even having this conversation. This is so unreal.” Ron was reaching his saturation point and it was beginning to show. The heaviness of an unchained authoritarian government weighs people down.

“Now,” Oscar went on, “clearly the retired electrician is making a difference with his knowledge and skills. And that is precisely the point of the Coalition. We do not want to lay additional burdens on anyone. We want people to apply their own knowledge, at their own pace and comfort level, in support of the purposes and goals of the Coalition. Coalitionist actions to thwart enemies of the Constitution can be either direct or indirect, major or minor, and they all matter.

“Two more examples: Retired people and college students. Retired people have free time. Many travel. A group of Coalitionist retirees who are also RV’ers is setting up a nationwide network of safe houses, supply caches, and contacts. Some have indicated that they are open to providing temporary lodging and transportation. They are also gathering intel. Many of them are retired military, so they know what to do, and involvement in the Coalition brings them great satisfaction.

“College students are going undercover in campus student organizations. I cannot give specific names, but some of the student organizations are extremely hate filled. What these kids are doing is really gutsy. One of these individuals has been recording conversations and compiling other evidence that will be used in support of a suit being filed against the school. About that, I cannot say any more. But the majority of students at that school are fed up with the hypocrisy of groups that spew hate while claiming to be the victims of hate, and they’re fighting back.”

This brought nods and murmurs of satisfaction from the group. “This is very hopeful news indeed, Oscar,” Cheryl affirmed.

“Remember,” Oscar said, “you are all here to be doing instead of just reading and talking and complaining about what’s not being done. So, let’s brainstorm what you might consider as next steps. I’m going to let each of you lead the discussion for a while. How’s that sound?”

(To be continued in The Plan, 8)

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