The Coalition: The Plan, 8

“Ron, what have you and Cheryl thought about or done up to this point?” Oscar asked.

“Well, recently, Cheryl and I decided if ‘The Sand Hits the Fan’ we’re facing things at home. Bugging out won’t work for us, but we have enough supplies pre-packed to bug out if we need to. Some weeks ago, I purchased a few books that have helped tremendously in understanding critical survival issues. Two books are by Joe Nobody, Holding Your Ground and Without Rule of Law, and the other is A Failure of Civility. ‘A Failure’ tells the average person how to reach out to neighbors, determine priorities, address security needs, choose equipment, set up communications, and much more. A guy at work before you started, Oscar, was involved with Oath Keepers and used the book as a guide to train communities to prepare for natural or manmade disasters. He highly recommended the book. It walks you through constructing a Neighbor Protection Plan. So, I’m hoping to find likeminded people to actually follow the plan and put a group together.

“The book suggested we survey our neighborhood and local area for potential problems. We’ve learned how many families comprise our neighborhood, the number and types of entrances and exits. And we know large sections of the community perimeter are very porous, which poses a huge concern.”

Ron finished off a soda and then continued, “Cheryl and I need to meet more of our neighbors, discuss potential disaster situations, and find those interested in forming a community security and reaction team as part of a protection plan. We know two people with military experience. One person, Marco, has an excavating business and keeps a backhoe at his home. He has a good number of old telephone poles, railroad ties, and some pieces of corrugated metal in his backyard. This guy does welding as a hobby and is willing to fabricate portable or fixed barriers and other things as needed. Cheryl talked with 2 or 3 homeschoolers very interested in learning more on the Coalition’s separation ideas concerning parents taking children out of public schools and expanding home school networks.”

Cheryl jumped in when Ron paused. “There’s also a Mormon church about a mile away that FEMA could use as a processing center if the government decides to round people up. A police station is within 5 miles, a fire station within 3 miles, a Wal-Mart and some grocery stores nearby. The closest hospital, power, and water faculties are over 10 miles away. Highway access is about 12 miles. And, there’s a county jail about 15 miles away. That facility is concerning, since west of it is open country, and we’d expect escapees to head for the houses along Alabaster Road, which is just 3 blocks from here. There’s some Section 8 housing 5 blocks away. A few gas stations, convenience stores and a few churches are close by. All in all, with enough people from the neighborhood being trained, we stand a reasonable chance of controlling access into our neighborhood. If heavily armed hoards or gangs descend on us, our resistance won’t last very long. As Ron said, the neighborhood perimeter is wide open and any armed group coming through could overwhelm us. And if any law enforcement units go rogue and have access to one of those military armored vehicles that would be a serious problem. There’s no way right now we can engage those and win.”

“Wow! I’m really impressed! You two have been holding out on me!” Oscar said, smiling. “Many people would value your helping them get to the point you guys are at. Later, I’d like to revisit some items you mentioned and discuss them a bit further. Anything else?” Oscar asked.

“Yes, Oscar, we didn’t want to reveal much about ourselves before knowing more about you, so we purposefully limited what we told you about ourselves. Just being cautious.” Ron said.

“Very good, guys. Very good.” Oscar remarked. He knew then his choice to bring them onboard was a good one.

Cheryl replied, “I was amazed at the lack of knowledge some of our neighbors exhibited. One lady looked at us like we were from another planet. Just because what we spoke of wasn’t presented on her news channels she refused to believe us. So, another idea Ron and I have is to find someone who can create a community news blog or website where neighbors can get the truth. This site would include local, national, even international reports. The main media outlets are purposefully blocking certain news reports because they contradict the government narrative. But, if we get people to submit accounts about what’s happening across the country, the truth will get out. This, I believe, is how the citizens frustrated those buses full of illegals the Feds wanted to dump in towns across the country without notice, not giving a rip about American citizens. When the citizens formed a network to track specific activities, then people were able to head off the buses, forcing many to turn back without delivering their passengers.”

Nicki spoke up, “Hey Cheryl, I’d like to help with that. I have a client who might be able to set up the website, and I know people across the country who would love having that level of information. I bet we could start a whole new type of news network that could better keep people informed. Wow!”

“Absolutely!” Ron and Cheryl replied.

“Nice work. You all are doing great! Let’s change gears for a moment,” Oscar said. “Let me tell you what someone in a different part of the country came up with. It’s a good example of what is known as a force multiplier. We’ll call him Ernie.”

(To be continued in The Plan, 9)

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