The Coalition: The Plan, 9

“I’m sure you all remember,” Oscar began, “how our administration used the IRS basically to wage war against American citizens by targeting individuals in political disagreement with the president. One individual affected by the illegal IRS targeting of conservative groups prior to the 2012 election came up with an idea. He got it from reading Sun Tzu’s book ‘The Art of War,’ that you need to read soon if you haven’t already. Reading the book gave this guy the idea to flood the IRS with thousands of letters weekly with no end date in mind. He knows the department is underfunded and under staffed. They’ve wasted taxpayers’ money on worthless self-gratifying activities, committed crimes, targeted specific people clearly violating their rights, and more. In addition to suggesting people stop paying taxes (which he encourages everyone to do till a constitutional government is reestablished) he has gathered 60-some thousand people who are going to start sending applications, forms, letters, whatever, to the IRS on a regular basis. This collective action is a method of harnessing pent up energy, bundling it, and aiming it with precision at one unique target that is already strained and has many serious internal weaknesses. You can imagine the ramifications.” Oscar paused to catch his breath.

Cheryl grabbed the moment, “Oscar, that’s crazy and brilliant!”

“Yes, it is. It’s clear this individual has the guts to get serious about responding to the takeover of this nation. And, what’s really important is recognizing that this example can be reproduced and applied to ANY address of ANY department or business. There’s nothing wrong with lots of people having valid questions to ask of certain groups. Overwhelming an entity, say, a leftist law center and advocacy group, will drain their time, resources, attention, plans, even their mindset and physical condition. The overload strains the resources of the recipient, and might affect their extended business relationships as well. Get the picture?”

Oscar waited a moment, so what he just said could run through each of their minds. “Hang on to this as a model for later use. I’d suggest you obtain copies of The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, which I mentioned earlier, and The 33 Strategies of War, by Robert Greene. Greene’s book is very practical, and the material accessible. Each of the chapters has a summary providing the essential minimums to grasp the strategy, so you can just read the summary if you want; but if you have time, read the full chapters to learn the historical use of each strategy. The rewards are well worth it.

“Changing topics, a strategy each of you can and should employ right now is to let no lie stand. Wherever you go, if you overhear a lie, tactfully interrupt and set the record straight with the individual. If you see a lie in print, correct it, if at all possible. Do not let a lie stand.”

Nicki asked, “You mean like in the checkout line, even with strangers?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. The truth is one of our most powerful weapons and we can’t be afraid to use it whenever necessary. You work in a salon, and talk to people all day, Nicki. You have so much opportunity to make a difference. And remember, Cheryl, when we met, you asked me, a perfect stranger, about my shirt?”

Cheryl smiled and nodded. “Yes, and look what that led to!”

Oscar grinned. “We all need to develop that comfort level and have the courage to speak up when it’s needed. We can no longer sit by and hope things will change on their own. They won’t. It’s up to us.”

“Oscar,” said Ron, “these concepts just discussed help me so much. I think I see now what this is all about. We’re involved with some really serious decisions and actions here. This is life or death, freedom or subjugation, for this nation and people. I think I’ve been too cavalier, even cynical, about what is happening and what my involvement should be. I’m very thankful the conversation went this way today.” Ron’s insights were echoed by Cheryl and Nicki. Each understands better the cost going forward. They refuse to turn back.

“Glad to hear that, Ron.” Oscar commented.

“Ok,” Oscar decided to make a change to the schedule for the day, “Ron and Cheryl, how about you two go take a walk for 15 minutes or so? I want to chat with Nicki a bit. And, Nicki, when they return I’ll ask you to enjoy a walk so I can visit with Ron and Cheryl.” All agreed. While Cheryl disappeared down the hallway, Nicki and Ron began giving feedback to Oscar regarding how the day had gone. Not only did they each enjoy the scope of vision which opened up for them to become much more engaged with doing things which would make a difference, but the camaraderie that emerged was very real, almost tangible, and because of what their unity centered around, it ran very deep. The unity of committed people who are like-minded on a subject as demanding as saving America was like no other they had ever experienced. They knew they were right where they were supposed to be.

(To be continued in The Plan, 10)

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