The Coalition: The Plan, 10

Ron and Cheryl left the house hand-in-hand, anticipating a refreshing stroll, discussing and discerning where their journey my lead them. This is their time to discuss the day, and perhaps discern any next steps. Even though being with Oscar was remarkably informative and exhilarating, it’s what they called a “Mountain Top Experience.” Soon enough, it’s back to life in the devil filled valleys of daily drudgery. Ron and Cheryl really didn’t know very much about Oscar and Jo, but they sure did inspire this couple. Off they went, block by block, disconnected from everything but that which filled their day and robust imaginations thus far.

“Nicki, hang on just a second. I’m going to ask Jo to join us,” Oscar requested. “Will do, Oscar,” Nicki replied, as she sat rubbing her hands trying to loosen them up a bit. She also thought over the day, her relationship with the NRA, and how she might best help the Coalition. Overwhelmed from all the input, she brushed aside, for now, the idea of making any commitments.

Oscar’s knocking on the door startled Jo. She had dozed off and didn’t quite catch all of Oscar’s entry. “Resting, dear?” Oscar asked, closing the door behind him. He walked up to her and began rubbing her shoulders.

“I’m beat, Oscar. That early breakfast event drained me today. Not as young and full of energy as we used to be.”

“You’ve got that right,” Oscar replied. “Hey, can you talk with Nicki for a few minutes? Ron and Cheryl are on a walk. I figure we have 15 minutes or so before they return.”

“Yeah, sounds good. Give me a minute or so and I’ll be out there.”

Oscar returned to the living room, with Jo in tow. “Nicki, I’d like you to consider doing a specific job for the Coalition that would make use of your makeup talents.”

“Wow. Ok, Oscar. What are you thinking?” she replied.

Oscar continued, “You’ve met Jo here, my wife. She knows about the beard I’m wearing that you made for me; and it’s just remarkable how great a job you did making it, but especially in how it stays put! Just amazing!”

“Well, thanks Oscar!” Nicki commented.

“Nicki, I’d like you to start working with Jo. There is another person Jo will connect you with named Randi. Her expertise is in altering clothes, making outfits; I guess she’d be called a fashion designer. Anyway, I think you and Randi would be a great team and a huge asset for the Coalition. We need a variety of outfits and accessories for upcoming projects, and I know after experiencing this artificial beard that the Coalition needs your help, if you would agree. So, please chat with Jo here for a bit. And, when you hear Cheryl and Ron come back, perhaps you two could get a walk in and continue your discussion. I’d like some time to talk with them. Sound ok?”

“Wow. Yes. Thanks, Oscar. I’d like to help the Coalition that way. But, I have a question?”

“Sure, Nicki, what’s your question?”

“Well, I thought the Coalition didn’t have a formal structure, that the Coalition was just a lot of people doing their normal activities but with an awareness that there are others like them around the country all moving toward the same goals and such. What you just described seems different from that.”

Jo responded, “Nicki, there is a great deal about the Coalition most people don’t know, and few are invited to know. We now have a group around the country spending almost every available moment working to support Coalition initiatives, but they stay invisible for the most part. As Oscar said earlier, the ‘need to know’ rule always applies, and what you know, very few others should learn.”

“Such as Cheryl and Ron,” Oscar added, glancing at Nicki, so she’d realize this conversation should not be discussed with them, ever.

Jo continued, “So, the Coalition from the outside, and even from within, appears to be a loosely defined mass of individuals centering on the Constitution for a unified effort to save this country. But, there is a leadership frame inside the Coalition fully engaged in planning, making decisions, and conducting various missions. We need someone with your skills to help Ronnie create several outfits; some multipurpose, easy to use cosmetic options, hair and face altering overlays to throw off face recognition tools, and so on. Your talents will definitely be taxed. That’s for certain. What do you think?” Jo asked Nicki.

“Ron, I think we should head back now. It’s getting late, and I’m sure Oscar and Jo would like to call it a day.”

“Ok. Let’s do a ‘180’ in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Turn!” Ron was jovial and light hearted. Completing a hybrid Two-Step, Tango U Turn, Ron, wanting to boil-down their thoughtful conversation to something useable, suggested, “So, Cheryl, let’s get down to some ideas of what we’d like to do next. If that is where Oscar wants to go when we get back. I’d like to have something to tell him.”

“All right. Given everything else going on with my life, I’d like to, if it’s possible, go with Jo to some of those meetings she attends and learn what she does.”

“Oh really, that’s interesting. What do you see yourself doing?” Ron asked.

“I just know she is active in a lot of groups, and I’d like to be more plugged in. I think she has a really neat opportunity to listen to people, learn what is on their minds, discern who might be a candidate for the Coalition, kind of like what Oscar is doing with us,” Cheryl concluded.

“You know, that is a great idea. I can see you mingling, kind of ‘gathering intel’ from the local communities, hearing what they consider valuable, their concerns, perhaps bringing that information back to someone who uses it for some other purpose. That sounds great. You have my full support with that!”

“Thanks, Ron. Now it’s your turn.”

“Ok. I really want to build out that neighborhood protection plan. We would probably meet just about everyone around us, which is good because we’ll all likely be stuck together if society collapses. I have a vision for getting this group and plan going, so that’s one thing I’d like to do.”

“That’s so good, Ron. I was hoping you would do that. There must be others like us in the neighborhood. I actually feel better already by knowing that neighbors will be having each other’s backs in dangerous times.”

“One other thing I’d like to do.”

“What’s that?” Cheryl asked.

“I’d like to master those auto ranging scopes Oscar mentioned. I’m confident that’s possible. Then, I can train people with no or little experience in rifle shooting and take them through what I did using the ART or other scopes. Just think what 15 or 20 people from our neighborhood with shooting skills and some tactical training could offer during a time of lawlessness. Come to think of it, that’s how Coalition skills and assets can be multiplied out and the Coalition grow. People take skills they have and teach others. This is great! Some books I read tell how to evaluate locations for defensive positions, and determine fields of fire. A lot of neat stuff we could do. In fact, that would be an excellent defensive package to advertise and offer to communities! Hey, I’ve got an idea!”

“Hold on Ron,” Cheryl said. “Dear, you are going to burn out that brain of yours. Take a deep breath, and let’s get back to the house,” she suggested with a smile.

Oscar found a quiet spot in the house to reflect while Jo and Nicki discussed their next steps. He heard Cheryl and Ron return, the sounds of hearts lifted up by new visions of the possible from people whose lives might impact countless others. This was difficult for him. Oscar knew at his layer of involvement with the Coalition things outside the boundaries of what average citizens are permitted to know. America was on the razor’s edge for her existence. He would always bring himself back the position that regardless of how prepared and outfitted anyone or group may be in conflict, the battle is the Lords. So are the skirmishes. If ISIS or one of the other competing groups were successful in carrying out an event as they’ve advertised, then each person left alive will struggle to exist as a new individual adapting to a vicious environment. Those committed to America’s Constitution will at least have a firmer foundation and framework to live from. Throughout all God’s judgments, restoration follows. May many of these people lead in that future time of restoration, he prayed, then joined Cheryl and Ron.

(To be continued in The Plan, 10)

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