The Coalition: The Plan, 11.c – Conclusion (finally)

Oscar resumes.

“Since our day is fast closing, let’s briefly remind ourselves of a few points. America faces as a threat people riveted to a reality of submission, to the destruction of all that American constitutional liberty upholds. They promote lying, hatred, brutality, and tyranny. Middle Eastern Islamists boast of how they educate and train children, at very young ages, in military tactics and killing people. Children are trained in fighting because their heritage comes from a warring people. This is life to them. They continually war against each other. That is their way. Children train to decapitate people. See what Hamas is doing with criminal youth. Mothers rejoice that their child might die a martyr’s death. We in the West just do not comprehend life as they do. We will not accept it. And we must keep in mind that we are these people’s intended targets.” Oscar paused.

“Oscar,” Ron stepped in,” would you comment about sharia again, how that factors in to what’s happening?”

“Sure, Ron. Sharia, as we said earlier, is a legal code Muslims believe is Allah’s prescription to how people should live before him and unto all others. Not all Muslims believe the same way about it. But, Islamists, those seeking to subjugate the world, all agree everyone must submit to it. It is the basis for unifying all things in the moral and volitional arena of mankind, harmonizes all creation, and gives Islamists the basis for overthrowing all non-Islamists by any means available.

“Look, for example, what has happened at UC Davis. What do we do when sharia has almost reached acceptance in the US legal system? What do we do if Islamism, as an accepted political party in the United States of America, produces a candidate for running this country? Sharia backers are openly anti-constitutional for crying out loud! People in this country and others across the globe are already being silenced for criticizing Islam. That gets you arrested or fined, or targeted as a bigot or racist. Ron, people must be told this is the largest threat to America in her entire existence, and then we must fight it.” Oscar noted Cheryl wanting to speak.

“You guys,” Cheryl, spoke up, “America’s situation is truly dire. But, like you say, Oscar, dealing with Islam successfully is not by any means a short term battle. What can we say or do to help people gain a longer term perspective? “

“Great question, Cheryl.” Oscar paused and thought for a moment. “First, Christians should be on their knees daily begging God to bring courage to His people, that they would pray earnestly for His mercy and salvation upon all who are blinded and deceived by this evil, and those who are evil toward any across this world. That He would open the eyes of the blind, giving understanding and salvation to many, repentance to the wicked in this nation, and in His mercy through the gospel turn the wicked away from their darkened hearts to Him and cast others out from this land.

“Also, and this isn’t for everyone, some people need to raise their children to be as prepared as possible to engage this threat directly for the years to come. Imagine this country in 2 years. Consider by then sharia will almost be the law of our land. Visualize some of our children confronted by sharia raised youth their own age who believe any non-Muslim (including children) who reject Islam to be worthy of death, and that child likely being trained accomplish the task. How would you or your neighbors’ kids do in repelling such an attack? Some people will laugh such concerns off, but you two need to connect people in your community with what is actually happening in this world and will happen here. Consider the progress of civilization jihad and population jihad. The future is not looking good.”

Jo added, “Recall what was said earlier about separating from society and forming an independent society that actually follows the constitution. We’re not alone, you guys. Others like us must come together before we can’t. Work with groups of friends, and if you have to, develop a plan, sell what you have and head someplace more remote and live off the land and support yourselves as best as you can. Raise children under a better view of life. Live with and for one another. Keep a low profile. Odds are others are already doing this in whatever area you move to. You need to find these people. Develop your own school program, practice barter and exchange methods, medical care methods, sharing, etc. Deny this illegitimate government from controlling you. They have no authority to demand your submission to them, and certainly none to demand submission to any Islamic law. We must resist this abuse of people as long as we live, and we must bring up generations to battle for truth and liberty as long as the Lord keeps this world spinning.” Jo finished.

“Wow! Well, Oscar, Joe, I have to tell you, Cheryl and I are overwhelmed and exhausted. I think we both realize we’ve only scratched the surface of what we face, but we’re committed to doing our part. And, both of you are right, the task is huge. And, we’re not alone. Even if we can’t help start a segregated community off someplace, we can do it right here, and with our neighbors,” Ron stated.

Cheryl added, “you two are a model of dedication for how people need to battle the tyranny of mankind when left to his own imaginations and wicked schemes. Thank you for your commitment to protecting this country and preserving her true principles and ways. We must work to bring our constitutional life back. It’s so sad and regretful that people waste what God has given, and they are blinded to what they’ve done. We really, really can’t say enough how great it’s been to spend this day with you!”

“Well, Cheryl and Ron,” Oscar said, “the blessing has been ours as well. We need you both to help us reach all we can and unify as many as possible to put up a good fight. In a couple of days, I’ll provide you a link to a blog where you can learn more on Islam. You need to read it regularly. The blogger’s name is Gideon4USA. Now, please, believe me, Islam is certainly not the only threat America faces, by any means. But Islam is in our faces every day. There is so much more to share, but for now, please try and review everything you can recall on the Coalition and what we discussed today; what the Coalition is and why it’s necessary, and how you fit in.

“It’s getting late, and we should call it a day. Again, Jo and I can’t say how glad we are you two spent today with us. We have to get together for dinner soon,” Oscar remarked.

“And, go look at that old Olds station wagon!” Jo said smiling as they waved good-bye.

“Hey, our sentiments exactly!” Ron replied.

“We’re very grateful,” commented Cheryl. “Ron, let’s go get that chocolate malt you promised me!”

“Well, come on. We have a bit of a walk ahead of us to get back to the car,” Ron said as he took her hand, trotting down the driveway toward the street.

(The Coalition, to be continued.)

Bonus: Full coverage of the Center for Security Policy’s meeting to launch a strategy to battle global jihad. Recorded Jan 16, 2015.

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