Violent Jihad in America. Are You Ready To Deal With This?

Here’s what’s coming to the USA.

Individually and by community people must get themselves prepared and organized to defend against such attacks. NO ONE ELSE will protect you and your family and your neighbors, except YOU and those around you at home and work.

When Islamists recognize an opening created by submission and / or fear, they push deeper into these weakened social and public arenas with intensified mayhem and destruction, thereby widening the hole and bringing more people, real estate, and supplies under their control. This only strengthens their psyche.

No one need fear ISIS or their minions. They thrive on fear. We can deny them this. Denying them our fear is under our control.

Defeats, heavy and successive, will demoralize them. Islamists must be shown Allah is a false god. But if he is true for them, their losing their jihad campaign in America is to them evidence of Allah’s displeasure toward them.

Please discuss these realities with your neighbors before Monday begins. Start forming community security teams. Let me know in a comment if you (reader) need guidance.

For Liberty, Love, and Self-Governance,


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