Post–Constitution America Home Fortification Steps: New World Thinking, Part I

Greetings, friends.

Our nation and the world plummet deeper into their respective futures as the moments pass. It’s safe to say that many people live each day unconscious of this and are therefore unaffected by the cumulative set of prior decisions and consequences bearing down on them at any point. True enough, the present contains the past, and together they reflect or sketch, but do not necessitate, the future. Those who see this fact also understand someone can take steps ahead of time in an attempt to provide certain options for later use. Let’s call this capacity to see and act “wisdom.” Seizing an opportunity drawn from observations is an asset. We understand the future is not solely defined by our past.

I trust the preceding paragraph has drawn your mind away from any preconceived notions and distractions you carried into the reading of this paper. Clarity is important when it comes to self-preservation. I’m assuming that many of you have addressed the points covered below. If so, you deserve to be commended. Others of you have geared up to the best level possible. You feel confident as your imagination comforts you with scenarios of how well you’ll do when the sand hits the fan. I plead God’s mercy to each of us as we live to stop demonic and anti-liberty forces of evil from destroying this country.

The block of history America and the world are now moving through is a transitional mode some hope will lead to a new world order. Individuals cannot stop this global current of forces and social upheavals. Knowing the future is not cemented, though, we must change our thinking and adapt not just in reference to some perceived end state—the elites’ sterile new world—but also to the likely tumultuous experiences the globe will undergo en route to achieving that end. We look at those conditions defining the road to the end. How shall we then live?

Consider now your home. Our country’s rogue leadership and that poisonous asp the Muslim Brotherhood, and all their blind and spiritually malnourished lemmings, believe they already have the United States of America under their turbans! Unfortunately, they will have it if we give it to them! We must all agree and believe that their goal of universal domination and the new world order can be thwarted and advancement slowed by what we do. Securing our homes is part of that overall task, for it is one place someone looking for us will certainly go.

Let us discuss how to make the task of extracting us from our homes more difficult. We must assume we will be threatened by lawless people seeking to apprehend us, our families, and our assets, and who have no regard for our lives. It makes no difference if they are gang, military, law enforcement, or former good neighbors; they want you and what you have, and will attempt entry. The aggressors will do what is necessary. We must think and act with this realization in mind.

In addition, being detained is the one thing nobody reading this paper can permit. Once in the system, the likelihood of release deteriorates as each day passes. Therefore, we fully realize that our homes must become secure places providing adequate protection from those energized by anti-constitutional and new world thinking.

Starting with the obvious, ensure all doors, windows, and locks work properly. Replace standard hinge screws with 2.5” or 3” screws on external doors. Inspect your house with a critical eye: Do any doors or windows need additional locks? Can you add a nail or a pin in the door or window fame for extra security? Can someone activate a latch or lock knob by breaking a nearby window? Do door lights, both inside and outside, work properly? Should interior or exterior motion sensors for lights or alarms be installed? Are there places to mount real or look-alike alarms and cameras? Are any roof or basement access points not secured properly? These points become even more important to check if your home has multiple blind spots or entry points that an intruder would naturally attempt to breach.

If the home is large and few people, or senior citizens, reside there, controlling access to entry points is more critical. Can you add a bar of some type across any high risk entry doors or windows for extra protection from battering rams, or replace hollow doors with solid core or even steel doors? Could you use a cable to secure a patio door handle to a cabinet support beam, or something else immovable in that same room? Do you have a bar or piece of wood in the track of your patio door, or a pin or nail through both frames to prevent it from opening? Is your pet door secured? Items can be tossed into the home through those small doors disabling those inside.

Let’s return to the situation of a large home with only an individual or a couple living there. One can seal off a section of the home. A secured series of rooms can become an area to quarantine aggressors. If they get through one layer of access points, another must be strong enough to halt their progress. I’m not going suggest what creative ways home occupants can discourage an invader’s progress, but with some imagination the path can be made very difficult and painful for the aggressor.

Another option for windows, and stairways, is to hang a piece of metal mesh or something like chicken wire on the backside of the window (behind curtains). Use cup hooks to easily hang or remove the wire mesh. You want something that will stop rocks, fire bombs, canisters, and people from gaining easy access. This is critical if you expect gang or rogue LE might break into your home. The brief moment when the intruders realize what’s happening is your opening to engage effectively and dispatch that threat. Truck cargo nets work well for this and are affordable.

This same hindrance can be used on stairways. Pieces of furniture, vacuum cleaners, luggage, many household items can be linked together via a cable and become a clog on a stairway for intruders. As with the situation regarding the windows backed by mesh, the split second those stair climbing aggressors realize they cannot make it to the top is the moment you must dispatch them. These uninvited guests may have ballistic shields or ballistic blankets, so consider what you’ll send their way. It’s advisable to have goggles or a mask of some sort, since gas may be their present to you. If you suspect they’d use NV, then greet them with excessive light.

Stay tuned for Part II.


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