Put Angie’s List OUT OF BUSINESS

It is time for Christians to start living their faith. Christians, or those who believe in the Christian/Jewish God, comprise anywhere from 70-85% of the citizens of this country. We can and SHOULD have a massive effect on the direction of this country. The power to guide the business and political practices in this country toward a higher morality is HUGE. If Christians and other people of faith actually start living by their consciences, we will get this country back.

It will not be easy, but it can be done – and if you think the inconveniences to your life would stack up against the persecution of the early church, then you need to read your bible more and get some perspective and hopefully some strength from God.

So, specifically what do we do? Several things. First, do not do business with ANY entity or organization that attempts to interfere with your right to live by your conscience. Christians must do business ONLY with and associate ONLY with people who are morally upright, and who are not trying to wipe out your faith or make it illegal for you to practice – i.e. LIVE BY – your faith-based values. The right to live, practice, and express your religion is protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution. The right to force business owners to violate their beliefs and serve you is not.

Second, STOP TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. Boycott businesses that cater to and promote sinful behavior. Movies, television, retailers, coffee houses, business that prohibit you from self-defense while on their premises – should not enjoy your patronage. Start with Angie’s List. If you have an account, cancel it. First, though, contact companies you have used from referrals on that site and tell them they need to withdraw their companies from Angie’s List.

Third, promote the truth, and do not let lies stand. Correct and rebuke (gently, but firmly) people in your daily conversations who don’t have the facts, and would therefore further lies, propaganda, and other information that leads people astray.

It’s time to stop this nonsense now, before any more destruction is done. It is time to stand up. Hopefully small victories over the evil that is now running rampant will serve as encouragement and spark your imagination, and give purpose and meaning to your life.



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