If you’re totally disgusted with the state of your health insurance by now, please know there are alternatives. You can bypass obamacare and the outrageous premiums, deductibles, and mandated coverage, and avoid Medicare and the state exchanges, AND be less dependent on government (who doesn’t want that!!) by joining a faith-based health sharing organization.

There are plans to fit every budget. But know that this is not typical insurance. Doctor visits are shareable. Maintenance prescriptions are not, but incident-related ones are – for instance, if you require antibiotics for an infection, the cost for those is shareable, but the cost for say, high blood pressure medication you would take all the time is not. (However, there are plenty of discount prescription programs out there for those drugs.)

You will probably get involved in negotiating fees for your medical services, but the ministry staff will help you do that, and they will do that for you if needed. Here is a website you can visit to see what is a reasonable fee for a particular service in your area: Healthcare Bluebook. You basically become a self-pay patient, and cut out the middlemen between you and your doctor. This puts accountability where it belongs, and your health choices back in your own hands where THEY belong.

Most doctors will readily accept lower fees in order to avoid having to file forms with insurance companies. For more costly care at hospitals, for surgeries, etc, the hospitals will offer financial assistance and set up payment plans. But, please know that the ministry I joined has a membership of 130,000 people, and a 100% payment rate which is very reassuring to medical providers.

You must be a Christian, active in fellowship, and agree to live a healthy Biblical lifestyle such as not smoking, not doing drugs, etc. And this is one more time when it is advantageous to be a Christian: I’m saving $300 a month over my previous plan, for just me, no dependents, and my deductible is less than half now. Seriously. You could put the money you save away to use for your medical costs instead of feeding a beast that’s never satisfied, and take more control over your health and that of your family.

I found these health sharing ministries by doing a quick web search: Medical Cost Share, Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, Christian Healthcare Ministries, and Samaritan Ministries. Please check them out and take control of your own health decisions. Make obamacare irrelevant!


Put Angie’s List OUT OF BUSINESS

It is time for Christians to start living their faith. Christians, or those who believe in the Christian/Jewish God, comprise anywhere from 70-85% of the citizens of this country. We can and SHOULD have a massive effect on the direction of this country. The power to guide the business and political practices in this country toward a higher morality is HUGE. If Christians and other people of faith actually start living by their consciences, we will get this country back.

It will not be easy, but it can be done – and if you think the inconveniences to your life would stack up against the persecution of the early church, then you need to read your bible more and get some perspective and hopefully some strength from God.

So, specifically what do we do? Several things. First, do not do business with ANY entity or organization that attempts to interfere with your right to live by your conscience. Christians must do business ONLY with and associate ONLY with people who are morally upright, and who are not trying to wipe out your faith or make it illegal for you to practice – i.e. LIVE BY – your faith-based values. The right to live, practice, and express your religion is protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution. The right to force business owners to violate their beliefs and serve you is not.

Second, STOP TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. Boycott businesses that cater to and promote sinful behavior. Movies, television, retailers, coffee houses, business that prohibit you from self-defense while on their premises – should not enjoy your patronage. Start with Angie’s List. If you have an account, cancel it. First, though, contact companies you have used from referrals on that site and tell them they need to withdraw their companies from Angie’s List.

Third, promote the truth, and do not let lies stand. Correct and rebuke (gently, but firmly) people in your daily conversations who don’t have the facts, and would therefore further lies, propaganda, and other information that leads people astray.

It’s time to stop this nonsense now, before any more destruction is done. It is time to stand up. Hopefully small victories over the evil that is now running rampant will serve as encouragement and spark your imagination, and give purpose and meaning to your life.





Do you want to stop the oppression and tyranny our “government” is heaping on us, but don’t know what to do? Then please check out America Again Now.

This group is doing some great things, and providing concrete steps you can take to have an impact. Please check it out.

Scroll down the home page a bit, explore the tabs, and get involved. Chances are there are people in your area you can connect with; see the interactive map at the bottom of the home page.

Also, here is a pdf of the Notice of Intent to Repossess the Constitution that you should print out and take to your US senators’ and representatives’ offices.

It’s up to us now. It’s up to YOU. Make a difference; make your children proud that you didn’t just lie down, but you did all in your power to preserve the freedom you have enjoyed at the cost of so much blood and sacrifice.



Islam 101 and Lying, Part II.a

I stated in Islam 101 and Lying, Part I, that Islam distinguishes between lying that is sin and lying that is not sin. Muslims are permitted to lie, even encouraged to lie, for certain reasons.

For people of other faiths, or even a socially upright person with no faith, this dichotomy appears quite out of character with typical notions of goodness and nobility. Lying, of any type, erodes the solid ground upon which wholesome communities are built and endure.

Non-Muslims must keep in mind that a Muslim’s decision to lie cannot create any violation of sharia. Muslim scholars have given significant thought to this issue. Some opinions differ. But history confirms lying is generally authorized and heavily used by Islamists in the pursuit of achieving Allah’s will.

Studying how a Muslim rationalizes the use of a lie reveals much about Islam to those of us trying to stop it from consuming our country and way of life. It gives a window through which we can learn, and perhaps act in ways new to the battle.

In this post, I use Reliance of the Traveller (RT) as my primary reference. This book is the main Sunni resource on sharia law. I discuss only Lying below and will cover the other 3 items in subsequent writings. The order follows that of the Traveller:





Lying: Most traditional religious groups condemn lying as one of the most severe sins and violations against God and man. Even a moral godless person at some point understands the wretchedness of lying and being lied to. For the Muslim, lying is also one of the worst sins possible. But there are exceptions.

In Reliance of the Traveller, scholars spend very little time discussing those things which are intuitively recognized as lies. Instead, they deal with exceptions to the rule. Meaning, sometimes lying is the best thing to do. On some occasions a Muslim is obligated to lie.

Three categories are given when lying is not viewed as sin and is justifiable. These are accepted to have been sanctioned by the prophet Mohammed: lying to settle disagreements; lying by a husband and wife to smooth over their differences; and lying during the time of war. (RT r8.1-2) Keep in mind that Islamists live as if Islam is practically always at war with most of the rest of the world. Therefore, in simple terms, lying is almost always permissible, if not obligatory.

In Islam, speaking is viewed as the means whereby the speaker seeks to accomplish an act or obtain a result.  Therefore, if the result is worthy of praise, then either speaking the truth or speaking a lie is permissible to obtain that end. Truth is preferred, but if one cannot reach the end by speaking the truth, then speaking a lie is permissible.  In addition, if the objective is something required, obligatory, by sharia, then lying to obtain that end is obligatory.

The following examples are given to clarify the exceptions: Lying in the event of one Muslim hiding another Muslim from the enemies of Islam. Lying to conceal the property of someone else entrusted to you that a thief may want. Lying to settle a disagreement, or to gain the favor of another person before that individual retaliates against you for a wrongdoing you did to him.

Remember, if telling the truth can achieve a perceived favorable end and put someone (you or another Muslim) in a better position, tell the truth.  If lying is necessary to achieve the more favorable outcome and doesn’t violate sharia, then lie. If lying is necessary to advance Islam, lying is not only permitted, but encouraged, or even required.

This analysis will continue in a subsequent post: Islam 101 and Lying, Part II(b).

To Glenn Beck, Sadly

January 24, 2014

Dear Mr. Beck:

Having been a fan of yours for several years, I recently signed up for a free two-week trial of TheBlazeTV. I am not sure I will become a subscriber, though. The other day on your tv show you spoke about “the pursuit of happiness.” You said that engaging in homosexual behavior falls under that, because it is THEIR “pursuit of happiness” and everyone has that right as long as it does not hurt anyone else.

This is quite shocking. You as a historian should know that the Founders structured this country so that we would fall under the authority of God. His Word says that homosexual behavior is sin, just as lying, stealing, and other behaviors are sin. There is no statement in the Bible that says any sin that “doesn’t hurt anyone else” is somehow less of a sin. (There is no such thing as a sin that doesn’t hurt anyone else. Ask Adam.)

So do you really think the sin of homosexuality doesn’t hurt anyone else? What about all the people who now condone this sin; will they not have eternal consequences? What about children who are struggling with their own urges, and who might be convinced they are “gay” when they are not, especially when the (false) argument is that one is “born that way?” What about homosexuals themselves, with the extremely high suicide, physical, and drug abuse rates, and low life expectancy, found in the homosexual community? Are we as Godly people called to turn a blind eye or even condone people harming themselves and their eternal souls because their sin “doesn’t hurt anyone else?” No, we are called to love people, but that is not very loving, is it? And what about other consequences we cannot see?

What about the consequences to you personally? If you think you, with your limited, flawed, imperfect human vision, have it right, and God in His perfect wisdom and omniscience got it wrong, you have been deceived. Perhaps you think the Bible is outdated and needs revision. And perhaps there will be other sins you condone as well, that will be revealed in time. Again, you have been deceived.

You are rejecting God’s very clear Word, and putting yourself above what He has said, which is tantamount to putting yourself above God. In addition, you are encouraging others to reject His Word as well. You would do well to remember that the Bible says those who lead others astray will pay a much higher price in eternity. You would also do well to remember that you are a mere human, not qualified to question or contradict God, which goes beyond deception and becomes heresy.

If this sounds like a rebuke, well, it is. I hope it is gentle enough that you will hear the message, and strong enough that you will repent, and set your feet on the right path, which is very narrow indeed.

May you know the full grace and strength of God now and throughout eternity.

Whiny Atheist Alert: ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Violates the Constitution

Whiny Atheist Alert: ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Violates the Constitution

By Clash Daily / 27 November 2012

Good grief! Charlie Brown is in the middle of a contentious religious fight. A group of parents are fighting an Arkansas elementary school over a field trip to see a stage production of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ at a church. Fox News religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris weighed in on the controversy today on Fox and Friends.

Father Morris asked, “Who would be afraid of their children going to watch a classic Charlie Brown story like this?”

He said, “The fact that we have the right to free speech for all means that there’s going to be also an opportunity and a probability that there will also be people who will do stupid, ignorant and totally out of line things like protesting the fact that Charlie Brown is going to be presented, and his Christmas story presented to kids.”

Read more:

Watch the latest video at

via Whiny Atheist Alert: ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Violates the Constitution.

Women: Trouble Conceiving? Doc Tell You to Relax?

Any women out there having, or have had in the past, trouble conceiving a child? What did your doctor tell you? Did he tell you to relax, stop worrying, because stress can interfere with your ability to conceive? HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT TODD AKIN SAID, other than the obvious context? Either stress interferes with conception, or it does not.

You’re all hypocrites if you do not do yourselves what you demand of Akin, and that is to put the country ahead of yourselves. You people just keep holding onto your self-righteous misplaced anger, and lose sight of the much more vital goal of taking back the Senate, and ousting Harry Reid as majority leader, so he can continue to obstruct efforts to shrink government and return this country to the people.

Just stay in your little small-minded world, and go right down the crapper with the entire country. Maybe there will be a sane remnant left to pick up the pieces after you’re all gone.

-You Know I’m Right

The Ryan Plan | A Roadmap for America’s Future | The Budget Committee Republicans

Here is a link to Paul Ryan’s plan for securing the fiscal security of America, which includes his plan for Medicare. There is a pdf version you can download and save to your computer or print.

It is incumbent on you to know the truth and not merely listen to what the media tell you, even the conservative media. If you are armed with the truth, you cannot be defeated.  -You Know I’m Right

The Roadmap Plan | A Roadmap for America’s Future | The Budget Committee Republicans.

Birthday Reunion

This year, my dad turns 80. To mark the occasion, we are converging in June on Village Creek State Park in Arkansas, near our home town of Wynne, to celebrate his and the other birthdays that occur in our family this time of year. It promises to be a fun time! Some of us are renting cabins at the park, way better than staying in the roach motels in town! It’s a small town, and the motels are not very desirable, even the newer one. Some of us are staying in the house on Wilson St that our great-great grandfather John Herman built in 1924. (I’m bringing home some cuttings of a rose bush he planted to go with the other rose bushes I have that my grandmother planted long ago.)
It’ll be good to be together.
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