This is Holy Putridness: Oxford Press Cowers to Islamism, Part III.c.1 – Conclusion

“Oxford University Press has forbidden their writers to mention pork in any of their writings so as to not offend Muslims.”

This is holy putridness!

Greetings, Reader.

This is the first of 2 parts comprising the final installment in my series on Oxford Press’ pork prohibition. According to Islam, eating pork degrades a person’s body and soul condition, resulting in a degradation of societal values. Islam’s way of life is to legislate how people view things and direct how they live. Pork is just one of thousands of items to which stringent rules apply. Islam is militant concerning such behavior. This means many Muslims believe their divine mandate applies to non-Muslims as well as to themselves. Living by God’s law, Sharia, is believed to preserve both man and the planet.

In the prior post, we began an analysis of the question, “Does eating commend a person to God?” The Bible says it does not. The Quran says it does. We have a conflict. What is our next move? I believe we should take a step back and consider the validity of Islam’s claims from a different angle; from a level that is more basic and affects all notions springing from Islam. I suggest we force a contrast to challenge the truth value of Islam’s claim concerning pork, and anything else. From this exercise will emerge several difficulties for Islam which are more fundamental to the religion as a system than considering a single prohibition against pork. Proceeding in this way will also make it easier to realize Islam’s views on pork are false.

The bible is my tool and it condemns Islam’s dogma that a person, any person, who eats pork is by this act doing something harmfully altering to their soul condition, harmfully altering society’s condition, and ultimately condemned by God. The words of Jesus and Paul make this clear beyond dispute. Some verses on this subject are offered below, but I want to move us now to what I consider a foundational issue: the prophet Mohammed’s messages on authority.

To get us going, we first read the following from Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians:

“For the word of the Lord has sounded forth from you, not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith toward God has gone forth, so that we have no need to say anything. For they themselves report about us what kind of a reception we had with you, and how you turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God, and to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come.” (I Thes 1:8-10)

Mohammed was not the first to preach the message of repentance from idols, polytheism, paganism, etc. He claimed to be one of many prophets throughout time who had given this message to a people group at a point in history. He also claimed he was the last and final prophet, and that his words trump those of all prior prophets. This superiority and finality would necessarily place Paul and Jesus below Mohammed in value. Practically, Mohammed should be consulted and followed more than either Paul or Jesus. His words should be held above theirs.

Where would this take us if we did just that; put Mohammed’s words above Paul’s or Jesus’? I’ll show you. Let us take one item from Paul’s words above: “how you turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God.” This is just one example of Paul calling polytheists, pagans, and other idol worshippers to leave their false forms of religion and live in fellowship with the one true God. Jesus clearly maintained a similar view.

Islam believes the Old Testament and New Testament records are corrupt, because the Quran says so. According to Mohammed, Allah provided him what was essential to know from those two works and, in addition, Allah provided Mohammed what is needed to guide mankind correctly from the point of Mohammed’s life forward. Let us assume, for the moment, these claims are true. Assume the Torah and Gospel records were corrupted. What is critical for someone to understand about Islam’s claims that the Bible is corrupt?

The Apostle Paul’s life and message embodied such allegiance to the one and only true God that only a fool would believe he lied and wrote deceptively of Jesus Christ and the church. Paul’s deep knowledge of many fields of study and breadth of understanding goes unmatched. And, the Bible clearly states Paul was given divine instruction. People who have never read, or have minimally read, the bible could believe claims that Paul, for some reason, perverted the gospel records and bent Christianity in a direction not intended by God. But the biblical record regarding Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ denies this accusation and leaves no room for doubt about his sincerity and faith.

Paul repeatedly claimed his conscience was clear before both God and men concerning what he did, said, and wrote. Paul’s personal testimony was backed up by countless individuals who knew him intimately before and after his conversion. Hundreds of people, eyewitnesses of the risen Christ, were living during Paul’s whole life and validated Jesus’ resurrection independent of Paul. In the book of Acts, some of the Gentile political leaders he stood before while on trial, themselves knew of Jesus’ resurrection and did not question Paul’s sanity or his motivations. The Muslim view that Paul corrupted the gospel and New Testament is a baseless claim which is held because of necessity. For Islam to be true, Paul’s writings must be false.

Only stiff-necked, hard-hearted legalists disbelieved, hated Paul, and sought to destroy him, Jesus’ other apostles, and the early church. On this point, Muslims are just like the Christ-rejecting Jews in Jesus’ days. The mass of historical records and contemporaneous testimonies of eyewitnesses to those events in the Bible proves the biblical records are what they claim: historical and factual. Thus, what the Apostle Paul and the other apostles spoke and wrote concerning idolatry and polytheism stands as factual and true. Why should a Muslim not accept Paul’s words on people repenting from polytheism or idol worship and believing in the one living God? Is that not the root of Islam, as it was for Abraham? On this point, the Christian and Muslim messages seem very similar.

Both Christians and Muslims claim the integrity of their books. Muslims who know the Quran know Mohammed was instructed to validate his revelations by the prior books, the Old and New Testaments, containing God’s revelations to the Jews and Christians. The mere idea that Mohammed was told to do this serves as evidence that those records were authoritative for Mohammed. (See Sura 10:94: 16:43-44; 21:17-25) The prior scriptures containing God’s prior revelations and records pertaining to the Jews and Christians existed for Mohammed to access and gauge his interpretations of his visions, etc. This also means the Old and New Testaments HAD TO HAVE BEEN IN SOUND ORDER and in an uncompromised condition “prior to” the Quran being given. The Old and New Testaments, and the interpretations by Christians and Jews, served as an authority for Mohammed. Mohammed was to submit to the words of the Jews and Christians, and the truths contained in these earlier books!

Let’s review a few points. First, the Bible and the Quran both proclaim the need for people to turn from polytheism and worshipping idols and other false gods toward living in submission and obedience to the one true and living God. The Apostle argues hard for this in his life and writings. Mohammed advanced this message relentlessly. The Muslim claim is that the Old and New Testament records are corrupt. Yet, those records existed and existed in sound form before and during Mohammed’s time, and served as his authority.

The question which comes before us is this: Did Mohammed stay faithful to Allah’s direction—Allah’s will—and use the earlier books for validation, or did he not? If he did not, we must ask why. The answer cannot be the corruption of those earlier records. It had to be that he forgot Allah’s directive, he never had a need to clarify any revelations, or he disobeyed and went maverick.

How about assuming he did use those earlier books to help him know the meaning of some parts of his revelations? What must we recognize here? The records would need to be in good order and readily available. Whatever route someone chooses to go on this topic, a simple solution is comparing Mohammed’s revelations and messages, his ways and life, to what is in the Torah and Gospels.

Second, assume Mohammed was obedient to Allah’s word. Assume he did consult the gospel and read Jesus’ words shown below. How would Jesus’ words affect his view of pork, and other foods?

“Peter said to Him [Jesus], “Explain the parable to us.” Jesus said, “Are you still lacking in understanding also? Do you not understand that everything that goes into the mouth passes into the stomach, and is eliminated? But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. These are the things which defile the man.” (Matthew 15:15-20)


Over 600 years after the events and records of Jesus’ and Paul’s lives and words, history heard about the rise of a new prophet. This prophet claimed to be like some prior prophets calling people to belief in just one God. He initially accepted the validity of those earlier records, but then he suddenly announced that the books of the Jews and Christians were corrupt. This turnabout happened in very a short time!

It is required that Muslims explain this change. Did Mohammed misinterpret, or even ignore, Allah’s instructions regarding the Old and New Testaments? Did he err, or did Allah err? How could the two books have become corrupted in such a short time, between when Allah told Mohammed to use the earlier books to help his understanding, and when Mohammed first proclaimed their faults? That needs to be explained, and proof of the corruption provided. Or, all one has is mere hearsay, and I would not want to base my life on mere hearsay.

It was Mohammed’s claim that the prior records were suddenly no longer sound. The act of bringing doubt to the integrity and authority of the Bible is a necessary step if someone wants to exit one religious system to start a different system. Both the mother system and the off-spring must have an authority. A new source of authority is required for the new system. This mindset opened the door for a new book in contrast with the others, so Allah made Mohammed a prophet and “gave” him the Quran, and he started a new religion.

How convenient for Mohammad. He merely utters the claim that the books he was told to trust suddenly are not to be trusted, and becomes a prophet. No proof is offered to substantiate his claim that the prior books were corrupted. There is no record of scholastic investigation to validate this. We witness a simplistic but necessary proclamation that these earlier books are suddenly corrupt and, as it turns out, now the teachings in those books are in disagreement with Mohammed’s new revelations.

And this, this departure from the truth, stands as the opening of that hellish pit from which legions of devilish and demonic powers set about their work. Mohammed’s actions appear to be out of disobedience to Allah and the Torah and Gospel, and not that those books became corrupt. This smells of self-serving motives and deception, not truth.


(To be continued in Part III.c.2)

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Bank of America Anti-2nd Amendment, Dumps Gun Manufacturer

McMillan group, a firearms manufacturer and supplier of firearms accessories in Phoenix, AZ, was told by Bank of America that because they branched out into firearms manufacturing, their business was no longer welcome at BofA. They now bank at National Bank of Arizona, and no longer accept any BofA credit cards as payment.

There is a very brief video posted on their site thanking people for supporting them in standing up for our 2nd Amendment guarantee of our God-given right to protect ourselves.

Please share, “Like” McMillan on Facebook, and spread this around. Companies that do not support or believe in the Constitution do not deserve our business. BofA is too big for their britches, but not too big to fail.

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Knitting Class

This past weekend, I went to two classes taught by Galina Khmeleva, author of Gossamer Webs, the History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Knitting. She is Russian, and very passionate about knitting and her classes are great! The classes were held at the Denver Fiber Fiesta in conjunction with the Great Western Alpaca Show.
I learned a new technique for knitting on a border using short rows to turn the corners. I also got to view and touch some exquisite lace shawls made out of Orenburg goat down. It was a good weekend.
As a matter of fact, I have started a new lace project. Pictures soon!

A New Knitting Book came today!!

I ordered "Stahman’s Shawls" the other day and it arrived today (Wednesday)!! I debated on getting it, but did anyway, and am so glad I did. It’s a beautiful book. The directions are very detailed, and Myrna included very thorough information on techniques as well. I have been enjoying reading it, especially the lovely stories about how each shawl was named. It’s a keeper.
I am finally starting to feel better; only had one bout of nausea feelings today. Maybe the (homegrown) sage leaf I put in my tea this morning helped. I know it made the tea very complex tasting and delicious! Still having headaches and general weakness if I overdo but those are a bit better too. It’s about time! This has been going on for about two weeks. At least I can still knit! Well, animals permitting.

It’s a good day.

I’m having a good day today! Mainly because I am expecting two separate yarn orders in the mail, and also…I ordered a (used) copy of Susanna Lewis’ book Knitted Lace: A Workbook… this morning!! Woohoo!! With expedited shipping so it should be here when we get back from Arkansas. I’m so excited. I have wanted this book for it seems so long, thinking it was just a dream that would not be fulfilled.
Anyway, we love books, and my husband has several very old books in the same price range, so he could not object when I discussed it with him this morning. I do have to start selling some of my books and other things we want to unload – er, find a new home for. I guess I could use eBay again. Maybe Ravelry has a place for non-knitting books, other items people are selling. I have some antique chandeliers I’ll never get around to re-wiring, and lots of books. Oh, and yarn too, mostly acrylic.
I guess collecting is in my blood; my grandmother was an antiques dealer. Another ancestor was a weaver and I think spinner (commercial, back in the 1700’s or 1800’s) so fiber is in my blood too. This explains my love of doing things by hand and making things from scratch, and being drawn to old things like embroidered linens, knitted lace, homespun fabrics, and handmade textiles and furniture. And baking bread, and homebrewing; I’d like to explore making wine and mead too. I love things that connect us to our past.
I hope you have many good days too.


One of my knitting projects is giving me fits. I have frogged the thing at least 12 times, probably more, and just can’t get past the 6th or 7th row. I have to put it down and go away from it to calm down.  Chocolate helps for a little while, at least for that initial burst of "ARRGGHH." (Any excuse to eat chocolate, eh?) I keep accidentally dropping stitches, and cannot get them back. It’s like doing battle. I am determined to conquer the frog monster. My weapon of choice is the harpoon. I made it myself, out of dental floss and a bent-tipped needle. That sort of resembles a harpoon, doesn’t it? I’ll just harpoon all those stitches row by row and laugh as they realize they are MINE! ALL MINE! Captured for eternity!! They’ll never get away now! Ah Ha Ha!
Hey, I feel so much better now. Powerful and strong. Think I’ll give it another go.
Till later!

The Yarn Store

I went to a great yarn store today, Purls of Wisdom in Parker, CO. Jen the owner is so nice and open, and welcoming. It was great to just hang out with all that scrumptious yarn and Jen and Elena. And the books. And the cashmere. I tried to work on my lace project but forgot my glasses and couldn’t see the tiny stitches! I am over 40, after all.
It’s hell getting old. Some say the memory is the first to go. Some say it’s the eyesight. Others might say it’s the sex drive, or the hearing, or God forbid – the dreaded bladder control. I’m finding that it’s a very subtle process and they fluctuate, some more in evidence than others on different days and at different times. The combinations are endless and fascinating to experience, so that I’m in a constant state of wonder.
Back to my knitting!

Some knitting comments

I love to knit. I don’t get to do it enough. Funny, I stay home all the time, so you’d think I could do it all day but NO. Animals. Two cats, two dogs. They have to eat, go outside, eat, go outside, get in my lap, go outside, eat, eat, be petted, you get the picture. I have to do some of that too! Ha!
I have received the loveliest yarn from my friend Liisa! Thank you, Liisa. You’ll never know no matter how many times I tell you just how much this project means to me. I am charting the pattern and I’ll send it to you when I’m finished! Pictures of the yarn (Mora Redgarn) are on Ravelry, and pictures of the project will be shortly. I hope you enjoy the yarn I sent you. How great it is to be able to swap culturally.
My husband is great about it, especially since I moved up to buying quality yarns. He’s only made one comment, to express his hope that I make things with all this yarn I’m buying.  He doesn’t know about the order I placed the other day. Yet.
We have truly had gorgeous weather the past few days. Maybe it’s spring; I know my trees and some other plants think it is. I expect to see my mini daffodils poking little green things up any time now.
I gotta go knit something!
Blessings to you!
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