Muslim Brotherhood’s Self-Inflicted Wound, Part II

Gideon: Hey, Veracity, did you hear the great news about Grover Norquist being investigated by the NRA?

Veracity: Yes! I was overjoyed to hear that! It’s about time someone put that guy out in the public and exposed him.

Gideon: No kidding. From what I hear, this will cause even more problems for the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad. The NRA inquiry and law enforcement’s eventual involvement should cause them to make more mistakes as they accelerate their program before they’re completely found out.

Veracity: I bet they don’t want him singing! And they sure don’t like the scrutiny. Do you think this will drive them more underground?

Gideon: No, I think it’ll encourage their surrogate and front organizations to be more aggressive and demanding. They’ll probably go on the attack, and accuse the NRA of “islamophobia” and “persecution” to try to divert attention away from Norquist. I’m sure he knows a lot that could damage their efforts to destroy Western civilization and take over the whole world.

Veracity: Haha! Maybe they’ll self-destruct real soon. Glenn Beck has a huge audience and this has hopefully blown the lid off their nefarious scheme. But I’ll reserve judgment, and my hopes, until I see something concrete come out of all this. Don’t forget how the NRA treated you when you called them to express concern over Norquist being on their board of directors. They’re going to have to really burn him if they want to preserve any credibility.

Gideon: This should really be interesting since our government has Brotherhood members in every department, thank you president obama. Norquist could provide names and information that would get lots of them thrown in prison.

Veracity: Well, we’ll have to keep our eyes on this situation. Hopefully it won’t go the way of other efforts and just fade away after the initial publicity, and the momentum wears off. The mainstream media won’t cover this so the American people and especially the membership of the NRA have to keep it in the public eye.

Gideon: You’re right. They’ve made some mistakes recently and hopefully this one will bear some fruit.

Veracity: Like what?

Gideon: Well, they’ve let their plan get exposed. We know they have declared war on the US and the West. Many other nations have designated them to be a terrorist organization. We know they’re spread throughout our national and state governments, and the American people are becoming more and more aware of them and the threat they pose to us. Also, I think the word is getting out about the terrorist training camps sprinkled throughout our nation. And we have Grover Norquist to pump for information now. It can only get better for us and worse for them as time goes on.

Veracity: This is so encouraging.

Gideon: It is. You keep working on exposing that other individual through your Coalition team, and we’ll talk about this again next week.

Veracity: Will do. The Coalition is growing by leaps and bounds with all these little victories happening all over the place. People are getting encouraged, which makes for more victories. Just think of all Nicki is accomplishing!

Gideon: Yes, she’s had wonderful success. She’s in a great position and is capitalizing magnificently. Do you ever think we were put here at this time for a reason? This is a pivotal time in history, and God’s hand in exposing Norquist is a clear answer to our prayers!

Veracity: I agree, and yes, I think we are here in this time for a reason. We have to do everything we can to stop what’s happening. If we don’t, freedom will disappear from the world. Probably forever.

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