The Coming Insurrection


It is time to review the book The Coming Insurrection. Perhaps it’s been collecting dust on a table or resting in some box, but you should consider going through it again.

The primary theme of the book, as I understand  it, is that some collection of elite globalists will create a new narrative through which they will reshape and govern the world. Economics, politics, and earth worship fuse to become the new model of all life, meaning, and work. The fact that this view will be manufactured and a lie doesn’t matter to the new leaders. Submission to it does. These people have become so bankrupt of truth their only recourse is to fashion a fantasy for themselves and others. Sad, and deadly. Self-appointed, they will eliminate those opposing their agenda.

We are being fed bull and will be pressured to submit. Learn what is happening, get the word out, set yourself and family for what is upon us.


RAPE: Part of Islamic Conquest?


Brutal rapes being committed by Muslims in Sweden, Germany, France, and now Austria demonstrate to the sane world that these acts can only be attributed to intentional decisions driven by  specific beliefs.

Those who research this issue for themselves will gain the truth.

I know many women can handle any situation themselves. Some will not be able to. Men, are you willing and able to watch and act as required if something unfolds and you are right there?

Lots to consider, friends.


The Global Chess Game – It’s About Oil and Control

Greetings friend.

If what this article reports is true, then the risks for global war and mayhem skyrocket!

Click here.


Don’t Think Globalist Islam A Threat? Read This!


It is past time for the ignorant in America to wake the heck up and get with the program! You who read this, purpose get others to read about the horrific conditions across the world as surveyed in this article and keep sounding the alarm! Click here.

American Progressivists, delusional Leftists, and intentionally evil socialists fan the flames for Islamic jihad in our United Sates! This great country does not belong to global elitists to wreck! Yet we allow them free and unhindered access to the gateways of our land to alter our social fabric and institutions, and now we are being flooded with this worlds most wicked beings, Islamists!

Increased violence is coming here! Read what is unfolding across the globe that most people will never hear about. Please work to change this irresponsible willful blindness and stand against evil!


The Upcoming Opposition Extraction: Paving The Way for Martial Law

Read and listen here.


A “Duh,” What Can a Name Tell Ya!

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Jade Helm ‘Training Exercise’ – Training FOR THIS

This is bad, people. Jade Helm is a training exercise, yes, and this is what they’re training for (link below):

The military plans to embed special forces in the general population to deal with domestic threats – er, “advance US interests.” Since the population of the US will not spy on each other, they plan to use embedded SOF operators to do the job. Seriously.

They also plan to “partner” with local agencies (i.e. police, sheriff, FBI, whoever) to “further” US interests and deal with whatever perceived threat they can think up: political dissidents, people who criticize the government, Christians who won’t support sinful lifestyles – 2nd Amendment supporters – whoever they decide needs to be dealt with. Here’s a quote from the introductory letter by Gen. Charles T. Cleveland: “…success will depend increasingly on our ability to … be as precise as possible in our unilateral application of force.” How do you like them apples?

This is unconstitutional, but who gives a rip about the Constitution anymore?

And don’t forget, the government granted itself, with passage of the Patriot Act, the power to kidnap and hold American citizens INDEFINITELY AND WITHOUT WARRANTS, WITHOUT CHARGES, AND WITHOUT ATTORNEY ACCESS, just on the president’s say-so. And you know how paranoid this government has become, because they know they are working against the American people.

Click to access ARSOF%20Operating%20Concept%202014.pdf

God bless and help this nation, and rain down terror on her enemies. Soon.



US State Department’s Bias, Wickedness, and Affection for Evil

The title is my “opinion.”

Good people must continue to speak out!

You decide.

Read here.


Take 10:30 seconds to hear this analysis of Nobama’s Iran disaster


Many comments could be generated after listening to this analysis, so it’s best just to ask you to hear it for yourself. It is podcast #1.

Click here.


Put Angie’s List OUT OF BUSINESS

It is time for Christians to start living their faith. Christians, or those who believe in the Christian/Jewish God, comprise anywhere from 70-85% of the citizens of this country. We can and SHOULD have a massive effect on the direction of this country. The power to guide the business and political practices in this country toward a higher morality is HUGE. If Christians and other people of faith actually start living by their consciences, we will get this country back.

It will not be easy, but it can be done – and if you think the inconveniences to your life would stack up against the persecution of the early church, then you need to read your bible more and get some perspective and hopefully some strength from God.

So, specifically what do we do? Several things. First, do not do business with ANY entity or organization that attempts to interfere with your right to live by your conscience. Christians must do business ONLY with and associate ONLY with people who are morally upright, and who are not trying to wipe out your faith or make it illegal for you to practice – i.e. LIVE BY – your faith-based values. The right to live, practice, and express your religion is protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution. The right to force business owners to violate their beliefs and serve you is not.

Second, STOP TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. Boycott businesses that cater to and promote sinful behavior. Movies, television, retailers, coffee houses, business that prohibit you from self-defense while on their premises – should not enjoy your patronage. Start with Angie’s List. If you have an account, cancel it. First, though, contact companies you have used from referrals on that site and tell them they need to withdraw their companies from Angie’s List.

Third, promote the truth, and do not let lies stand. Correct and rebuke (gently, but firmly) people in your daily conversations who don’t have the facts, and would therefore further lies, propaganda, and other information that leads people astray.

It’s time to stop this nonsense now, before any more destruction is done. It is time to stand up. Hopefully small victories over the evil that is now running rampant will serve as encouragement and spark your imagination, and give purpose and meaning to your life.



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