We leave Sunday for the drive to Wynne, Arkansas. My parents live there, and I lived there when a child so it’s sort of like going home. My mom and dad live in the house my dad was born in! It was built in 1924 by his grandfather. Carl has never been, and I think he’ll like it. It’s a very quiet small town. We’re staying here. It should be fun! And relaxing. There are two lakes and lots of trails. Also, maybe some bluegrass music for us to enjoy. Bluegrass bands set up in the picnic area and practice, or just get together.
Biggs got his bandage off today! Yay. It was a pain, although I of course had to do it, to put that bag on his foot and leash him up and put on my coat every time he wanted to go out. He’s so much happier now! The vet commended me on how clean I had kept the bandage. Secret: Baby socks. If I hadn’t had those, he would have chewed on the tape and gauze. They went right over his foot and the bandage. I used them before when Reilly had something like that removed from HIS foot. Yes, we’ve been through a lot with these dogs. This is nothing, believe me.
I haven’t been knitting the past two days, getting ready for the trip and all. Feel at loose ends somehow. But I have to make the house presentable for the house-sitter. She’s a really sweet girl and the dogs love her. She takes excellent care of our home and pets and we can really enjoy our trip and not worry. We love her.
Got my hair cut today. It really needed it. Now I’m quite stylish. The stylist did just exactly what I asked her to do, and suggested some things too, and it’s a very cute style. It’s unusual for me to be pleased with my haircuts but this one is great. I feel like a new person!
Speaking of feeling like a new person, this just occurred to me. Heard it on the radio one day and it stuck with me. I’ve posted this other places too and it’s worth plastering all over: A relationship (marriage, love, etc) isn’t about finding the right person, but being the right person. I wish I could live out of this perspective all the time. 
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