No Constitutional Right to Concealed Carry

The court got this one right. The Constitution doesn’t grant rights. It tells the government where to BACK OFF.

Open Carry Update 2

(OUR STATE IS AN OPEN-CARRY STATE – thought I’d share that!)

Well, we’ve been open carrying everywhere now: I’d list the names of the businesses but someone close to me thinks they may be targeted by left-wing wackos and then would cave to pressure, like weak-kneed Starbucks and other moron-led enterprises have. So I will not tell you other than to say: grocery stores, restaurants, gas station stores, truck stop stores, hardware stores, warehouse club stores, hair salons, around our neighborhood, basically everywhere that doesn’t have a sign – and we don’t go in places where we are prevented from being able to protect life. Well, except in the post office to check our PO box. And then usually one of us stays outside, at the ready in case anything does happen.

Hardly anyone has even noticed, although we do get a glance or two now and then. And then there’s this: today I carried in the grocery store near my house and one of the employees THANKED ME for carrying, and said they all feel safer with me in the store. How great is that? Very.

Every time I start to question being one of only two people in an establishment obviously carrying a gun, I just remember those Marines and Naval Petty Officer who were gunned down because our military CAN’T carry. So I will, for them.


Open Carry Update, and a Lesson

We went to Home Depot again (we’re selling a house, so now we live at Home Depot!), both of us open carrying again, and a few people looked at us but didn’t seem to freak out. But one person asked us about it.

We were in the checkout line, and the guy behind us said in a fairly loud voice, “Let me ask you a question.” We turned around, smiling. He asked, “Is this an open carry state?” Still in the loud voice. Well, duh, but we didn’t say that to him. So we answered that yes, Colorado is an open carry state.

He told us he’s an ex-cop from DC and he would never see that at home. (I would think an ex-cop would be able to figure out that if people are open carrying and not being arrested or detained by store security it’s an open carry state. But whatever.) He went on to say that he didn’t have a problem with it, and he carries a gun all the time. He also said he didn’t have to worry about local laws because he has a federal ID and can carry everywhere.

So, we wondered, after we left the store, what an ex-cop from DC with federal credentials is doing in Parker, Colorado. The FBI or the CIA or both recently moved their headquarters to Denver; maybe he is connected to them somehow. We also wondered why he made such a point of calling attention to us. Did he think the personnel at Home Depot somehow missed our full-sized weapons plainly visible on our bodies? Maybe he thinks “civilians” shouldn’t be carrying, or maybe he’s really friendly, and just loud because he’s from the northeast.

We hope he was pleasantly surprised, and we prefer to think he was genuinely trying to be friendly and fit in with the community, making social overtures toward the locals. That’s what we prefer to think.

Anyway, we had the confidence of knowing we were not breaking any [unconstitutional] laws. And no, we are not doing it for the attention. We think it’s time to show the public that law-abiding people can carry guns and nothing happens unless a bad guy starts something. Which we hope to deter by being openly armed.

We also learned something: When standing in line, keep your body between your gun and other people so it’s not exposed. Stand with your gun toward your basket, or if there’s a rack of goods there, have your gun blocked by the rack so no one can grab it. Safety first.

Open Carry Everywhere

We’re sick at heart. Four Marines and a Sailor killed, because they were barred from being armed. Sickening. We’re also sick of the games. We’re sick of people not being allowed to protect their lives. We’re really angry that so many have lost their lives in gun-free zones, forced to submit to illegal restrictions put in place by control freak tyrants who either are armed themselves, or have armed guards with them at all times. This is wrong.

So, we made a change. We open carried in our local Home Depot today, and it was so liberating. I thought getting a concealed carry permit was empowering, and it was, but it was nothing compared to being in public and not hiding the fact that we were armed. I think it was also liberating because it takes courage, and we didn’t chicken out at the last minute!

No one bothered us; hardly anyone even noticed. We were hoping someone would notice – like a bad guy intent on doing harm, who would change his mind. Maybe that happened. Who knows? We were also hoping, and still are, that some other law-abiding types would notice, and be inspired to go openly armed more often, and get the public more used to seeing it.

We urge others to take a similar stand. The government is prohibited from preventing us, the people who created the government and are the REAL authority in this country, from carrying firearms to protect life, and protect this country from their idiotic tyrannical policies that get defenseless men, women, and children killed.

Find your courage. Start with a place that doesn’t have a sign, and do it. With the slaughter of America’s Finest fresh in the national cognition, the time is now.

Do it.




Jade Helm ‘Training Exercise’ – Training FOR THIS

This is bad, people. Jade Helm is a training exercise, yes, and this is what they’re training for (link below):

The military plans to embed special forces in the general population to deal with domestic threats – er, “advance US interests.” Since the population of the US will not spy on each other, they plan to use embedded SOF operators to do the job. Seriously.

They also plan to “partner” with local agencies (i.e. police, sheriff, FBI, whoever) to “further” US interests and deal with whatever perceived threat they can think up: political dissidents, people who criticize the government, Christians who won’t support sinful lifestyles – 2nd Amendment supporters – whoever they decide needs to be dealt with. Here’s a quote from the introductory letter by Gen. Charles T. Cleveland: “…success will depend increasingly on our ability to … be as precise as possible in our unilateral application of force.” How do you like them apples?

This is unconstitutional, but who gives a rip about the Constitution anymore?

And don’t forget, the government granted itself, with passage of the Patriot Act, the power to kidnap and hold American citizens INDEFINITELY AND WITHOUT WARRANTS, WITHOUT CHARGES, AND WITHOUT ATTORNEY ACCESS, just on the president’s say-so. And you know how paranoid this government has become, because they know they are working against the American people.

Click to access ARSOF%20Operating%20Concept%202014.pdf

God bless and help this nation, and rain down terror on her enemies. Soon.



More Jade Helm Stuff

I did some more research about jade, and the obvious connection escaped me when I wrote “What’s in a Name:” There is a China connection. Jade comes from China. This throws a whole other light on the subject. Please ponder for yourself.

Also, I found this site while researching the above topic; take it for what you will. There are some videos and some speculation as well. Please don’t freak out!


-YouKnowI’mRight (writing under Gideon’s pen name because he’s the one signed on at the moment!)

Muslim Brotherhood’s Self-Inflicted Wound, Part II

Gideon: Hey, Veracity, did you hear the great news about Grover Norquist being investigated by the NRA?

Veracity: Yes! I was overjoyed to hear that! It’s about time someone put that guy out in the public and exposed him.

Gideon: No kidding. From what I hear, this will cause even more problems for the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad. The NRA inquiry and law enforcement’s eventual involvement should cause them to make more mistakes as they accelerate their program before they’re completely found out.

Veracity: I bet they don’t want him singing! And they sure don’t like the scrutiny. Do you think this will drive them more underground?

Gideon: No, I think it’ll encourage their surrogate and front organizations to be more aggressive and demanding. They’ll probably go on the attack, and accuse the NRA of “islamophobia” and “persecution” to try to divert attention away from Norquist. I’m sure he knows a lot that could damage their efforts to destroy Western civilization and take over the whole world.

Veracity: Haha! Maybe they’ll self-destruct real soon. Glenn Beck has a huge audience and this has hopefully blown the lid off their nefarious scheme. But I’ll reserve judgment, and my hopes, until I see something concrete come out of all this. Don’t forget how the NRA treated you when you called them to express concern over Norquist being on their board of directors. They’re going to have to really burn him if they want to preserve any credibility.

Gideon: This should really be interesting since our government has Brotherhood members in every department, thank you president obama. Norquist could provide names and information that would get lots of them thrown in prison.

Veracity: Well, we’ll have to keep our eyes on this situation. Hopefully it won’t go the way of other efforts and just fade away after the initial publicity, and the momentum wears off. The mainstream media won’t cover this so the American people and especially the membership of the NRA have to keep it in the public eye.

Gideon: You’re right. They’ve made some mistakes recently and hopefully this one will bear some fruit.

Veracity: Like what?

Gideon: Well, they’ve let their plan get exposed. We know they have declared war on the US and the West. Many other nations have designated them to be a terrorist organization. We know they’re spread throughout our national and state governments, and the American people are becoming more and more aware of them and the threat they pose to us. Also, I think the word is getting out about the terrorist training camps sprinkled throughout our nation. And we have Grover Norquist to pump for information now. It can only get better for us and worse for them as time goes on.

Veracity: This is so encouraging.

Gideon: It is. You keep working on exposing that other individual through your Coalition team, and we’ll talk about this again next week.

Veracity: Will do. The Coalition is growing by leaps and bounds with all these little victories happening all over the place. People are getting encouraged, which makes for more victories. Just think of all Nicki is accomplishing!

Gideon: Yes, she’s had wonderful success. She’s in a great position and is capitalizing magnificently. Do you ever think we were put here at this time for a reason? This is a pivotal time in history, and God’s hand in exposing Norquist is a clear answer to our prayers!

Veracity: I agree, and yes, I think we are here in this time for a reason. We have to do everything we can to stop what’s happening. If we don’t, freedom will disappear from the world. Probably forever.

Fake Fraudulent Website Warnings?

Does your computer security program block sites and warn you against visiting possibly fraudulent sites when you try to access them? Mine does. Strangely, the sites it warns me about are all conservative sites, or sites that are firearm related businesses.

I got one today when I tried to access Gun Owners of America.

I think people are reporting them as unsafe purposely, knowing they are not unsafe, to dissuade people from visiting and to discredit the site. So I decided to start keeping a list of all the websites that generate that warning, and I am going to call my security provider right now (Webroot) and ask them to investigate this matter.

You should too. I’m sure this activity is against the law, and I’m also sure my security company can track down the IP address of whoever’s doing it.


Federal Judges CANNOT Write and Implement Law

The consequences for a Federal Judge who believes he or she can write law, and that free individual American citizens must submit to that judge’s demands, are vast and quite serious. The punishment fits the crime.

Read this post to be enlightened at what The Law can and should do to any rogue judge who believes they have that power.


The Coalition: The Plan, 1

The phone rang just as Ron and Cheryl counted down the last few seconds of their 5 minute wait.  Before Ron had a chance to speak, O-Man’s voice came through telling him to not say a word but to listen carefully. “Relocate the car to the far corner of the strip mall. Park in front of the clothing store. Enter the clothing store and walk to the fitting rooms located at the left rear. Someone there will help you.” Click. “Wow!” was Ron’s immediate reaction. “Another jerk on our chain!” Hearing O’s familiar voice encouraged them briefly, but any remaining hope for a pleasant conversation over coffee was now all but a memory.

As instructed, Ron began moving the car. Cheryl suggested they add another item to their code system.  If either of them thought they needed to vacate the meeting for safety reasons, one of them would say, “It sure is stuffy in here. I need to get some air.” The first sentence was to alert the other of a concern. Upon saying “air” in the second sentence they were to make a break for the door. Feeling better having expanded their code system, the couple entered the store and walked casually to the back.

“Cheryl, how is anyone going to know who we are and that we’re supposed to obtain instructions? We just can’t go around asking people if they have secret instructions for us.” Before she could confront Ron with the obvious he blurted out, “Uh! Man those are some ugly shoes! Definitely candidates for the Do Not Wear list!” “Think about it Ron. They found us at the coffee shop. I’m sure the person knows what we look like, and probably knows what time we’d show up. Genius not needed to figure that out.”

Neither Ron nor Cheryl noticed the individual coming up behind them but upon hearing “May I help you?” they both turned to the voice. There stood a young man, well, perhaps a kid of 16 to 18. “Yea, I’m Ron and this is my wife Cheryl. We’re looking for . . .” “Sir,” their contact interrupted. “Please don’t say any more. Just follow me.” The contact escorted them to a rear exit, walked them across a small parking area to a trail which led through heavily treed property to a neighborhood below. The guide spoke some final words and bid them a blessed day. They were to take the trail down to the street, go left, then cross the street and enter the open garage at the third house on the right.

Moving at a good pace, Cheryl whispered to Ron as they turned up the driveway, “You certain this is what we need to get involved with?” Ron simply smiled back, not really sure what to say. True, the morning wasn’t what they anticipated, but he himself needed to see how things played out. “Welcome you two!  Come on in. So glad you’re finally here!”  It was Nicki, the girl from the coffee shop. Ron remembered enough about her to be sure of that. Cheryl spoke quietly to Ron, “Here we go. I’m following your lead.” Ron’s anxiety jumped up a few levels at hearing that the ball was in his hands.

O-Man stood up from the kitchen table greeting the couple, right hand extended with a welcoming smile. “Ron and Cheryl, I’m so glad you stuck with our little security routine this morning. Putting up with it tells me a lot about you both. You’ll come to learn that we take great care to protect each other.” Ron thought to himself, “Protection? From whom? This needs clarifying before our time is done today.” O-Man continued, “From this point forward, unless we are at work, Ron, you both are to call me Oscar.  Please, make yourselves comfortable. I have much to share, so grab something to drink, use the restroom as needed.”

Nicki took a few moments to connect with Cheryl while Ron disappeared down the hallway. When the four were seated, Oscar began. “Ron and Cheryl, you know just enough about the Coalition to realize that it’s something that attracts you and have some interest in becoming involved with it. Before continuing, I must know that both of you are committed to this effort long term. Both of you are standing before a line at this very moment. The line is your lives. If you commit to work toward the Coalition’s goals, you have no more ‘back’ to go back to. Is this clear?” Ron and Cheryl looked at each other, then without saying a word turned to look at Oscar. Together they replied “We’re committed.”

Ron began detailing the history and nature of the Coalition, how it operates and some of its goals. From the start, he made crystal clear that the only qualifier for someone to participate was support for the US Constitution, its truths, principles, values, and structural forms for governance. That’s it!  “Our county has already been taken over. Coalition participants are convinced that both major political parties have abandoned the people and are running full speed into the global world order. Citizens are now subjects, and we will stay subjects unless we bring national power back to the people. Check out the Emperor’s speech last spring. It’s educational and frightening. Also, our discussion is likely to get off on numerous tangents. That’s ok. This time is for you both, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Ok?”

Cheryl and Ron agreed.  Ron added, “Thanks Oscar. That really means a lot. We’ve talked about this opportunity almost continually since you mentioned it and appreciate the flexibility regarding questions as we go along.” Satisfied they could begin, Oscar continued, “The Coalition’s goal is to reclaim the country. To get the power back to citizens, reestablish our identity, and preserve national sovereignty. And here’s how we’ll do that.”

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