Take 10:30 seconds to hear this analysis of Nobama’s Iran disaster


Many comments could be generated after listening to this analysis, so it’s best just to ask you to hear it for yourself. It is podcast #1.

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Obama’s Afraid of Gun Control

In his video post from today, Dick Morris makes the excellent point that obama is terrified of the issue of gun control right before an election, and that is why hillary did not sign the UN small arms treaty on Friday. He (obama) is afraid of the truth getting out – that he will move to sign the treaty and institute gun control in the US if he is re-elected – because he knows it will cost him the election.

WE MUST MAKE GUN CONTROL A CENTRAL ISSUE, AND USE IT TO DEFEAT OBAMA. NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES. However, obama and his minions can make it impossible by illegally confiscating our guns.

Gun control is not about guns; it is about control. It is about you not being able to fight back against the tyranny barack hussein obama, MMM MMM MMM, wants to inflict on every human being who does not breathe his rarified air, and whom he therefore despises.

Please visit this link to watch the video, and then if you haven’t already, sign the petition. There is a reason the First and Second Amendments are First and Second in our Bill of Rights. They are the foundation of being able to maintain ourselves as a free nation. They are the very foundation of our continued existence as human beings.

So let’s make….

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