Open Carry Update, and a Lesson

We went to Home Depot again (we’re selling a house, so now we live at Home Depot!), both of us open carrying again, and a few people looked at us but didn’t seem to freak out. But one person asked us about it.

We were in the checkout line, and the guy behind us said in a fairly loud voice, “Let me ask you a question.” We turned around, smiling. He asked, “Is this an open carry state?” Still in the loud voice. Well, duh, but we didn’t say that to him. So we answered that yes, Colorado is an open carry state.

He told us he’s an ex-cop from DC and he would never see that at home. (I would think an ex-cop would be able to figure out that if people are open carrying and not being arrested or detained by store security it’s an open carry state. But whatever.) He went on to say that he didn’t have a problem with it, and he carries a gun all the time. He also said he didn’t have to worry about local laws because he has a federal ID and can carry everywhere.

So, we wondered, after we left the store, what an ex-cop from DC with federal credentials is doing in Parker, Colorado. The FBI or the CIA or both recently moved their headquarters to Denver; maybe he is connected to them somehow. We also wondered why he made such a point of calling attention to us. Did he think the personnel at Home Depot somehow missed our full-sized weapons plainly visible on our bodies? Maybe he thinks “civilians” shouldn’t be carrying, or maybe he’s really friendly, and just loud because he’s from the northeast.

We hope he was pleasantly surprised, and we prefer to think he was genuinely trying to be friendly and fit in with the community, making social overtures toward the locals. That’s what we prefer to think.

Anyway, we had the confidence of knowing we were not breaking any [unconstitutional] laws. And no, we are not doing it for the attention. We think it’s time to show the public that law-abiding people can carry guns and nothing happens unless a bad guy starts something. Which we hope to deter by being openly armed.

We also learned something: When standing in line, keep your body between your gun and other people so it’s not exposed. Stand with your gun toward your basket, or if there’s a rack of goods there, have your gun blocked by the rack so no one can grab it. Safety first.

Robopocalypse: Not Coming to any Theater, but Unleashed upon the World!


Remember Arnold in The Terminator, 1 through . . . I forget how many were produced. The first was released in … 1984. Hmm….

Anyway, check out this brief article. Robopocalypse is coming to you soon.


Oh, in each one of the Terminator movies I viewed, resistance had a role. So, be sure to play your part well. The world depends on it.  -G.


Jade Helm ‘Training Exercise’ – Training FOR THIS

This is bad, people. Jade Helm is a training exercise, yes, and this is what they’re training for (link below):

The military plans to embed special forces in the general population to deal with domestic threats – er, “advance US interests.” Since the population of the US will not spy on each other, they plan to use embedded SOF operators to do the job. Seriously.

They also plan to “partner” with local agencies (i.e. police, sheriff, FBI, whoever) to “further” US interests and deal with whatever perceived threat they can think up: political dissidents, people who criticize the government, Christians who won’t support sinful lifestyles – 2nd Amendment supporters – whoever they decide needs to be dealt with. Here’s a quote from the introductory letter by Gen. Charles T. Cleveland: “…success will depend increasingly on our ability to … be as precise as possible in our unilateral application of force.” How do you like them apples?

This is unconstitutional, but who gives a rip about the Constitution anymore?

And don’t forget, the government granted itself, with passage of the Patriot Act, the power to kidnap and hold American citizens INDEFINITELY AND WITHOUT WARRANTS, WITHOUT CHARGES, AND WITHOUT ATTORNEY ACCESS, just on the president’s say-so. And you know how paranoid this government has become, because they know they are working against the American people.

Click to access ARSOF%20Operating%20Concept%202014.pdf

God bless and help this nation, and rain down terror on her enemies. Soon.



Our Dictator Needs A Rebuke! Rogue. Globalist. Islamist.

Good morning, Reader.

Obama and company exert their unlawful powers in the most extreme and dangerous manner for this country. Click here. By nullifying public access to administration records, Obama and company have cut the cord between this country and its people. (Yes, I do believe he has done this already in many other ways. This one is, though, is a slap in the face.)

Obama has stolen this country by deceiving its people and doing things according to his will; which is a shared vision by many people across this globe: “planning the future today.”  Click here. No doubt you have heard of the Transpacific Partnership. Click here. There is also a Transatlantic Network. Click here.  Look around that site a bit. We’re being yanked from both shores!

All the while, this country was never Obama’s to change. It was never  “anyone’s” to change. Only the American people possess the right to choose and facilitate change!  Fundamentally transform America Obama is doing. With the help of the Muslim Brotherhood it is clipping right along. Our president should be elected on the premise that he will see to America’s well-being by responsible execution of his defined powers. Claiming his administration will no longer comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, that group declares itself  above the laws of  this land. They demonstrate no responsibility to Americans. They are rogue, and they will drain this country of every asset, whether financial, our liberty, our moral virtues and the truths they are built upon, even the very idea of American hope dies.

The Transpacific article linked to above shows that political elite and corporate greed fuel this trans-national unification. The Muslim Brotherhood’s 100 year plan shows similar goals, which explains why they are a mere tool serving globalist ends. Click here. A primary objective of the Brotherhood is seizing control of American assets (military, political, financial) is to build the Islamic State. This is one aspect of The Plan: “THE FIFTH POINT OF DEPARTURE To dedicate ourselves to the establishment of an Islamic state, in parallel with gradual efforts aimed at gaining control of local power centers through institutional action. a- Elements To channel thought, education and action in order to establish an Islamic power [government] on the earth. To influence centers of power both local and worldwide to the service of Islam.” Click here.

Did you ever conceive such self-centeredness, arrogance, corruption, and greed would be THE risk to hedge aganst when doing financial planning years ago in hopes that your retirement would come about a certain way? Your financial planning perhaps had some mention of geo-political risk in the analysis, but this is crazy! Of course not. And in times past, you would not need to be thinking of a possible reshuffling of the world, except now we’ve been delivered into the hands of those who loathe American independence and all the United States of America stands for in her Constitutional purity. Thank you, Mr. Obama.

A second item for rebuke is Obama’s affection for all things Muslim Brotherhood and Islam.  I believe it right to conclude America on the global level is already under Islamic control. Not American citizens. This is due  to the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of the federal government and the White House. Obama’s new appointee to the Middle East (Click here) is a clear example of America’s policy shift. Nothing good will come from this appointment. The man hates Israel. He is involved with the Brotherhood. Obama appointed him. Why? Can it be that all this is linked to the Brotherhood’s goal of eliminating Israel?

With a clever sleight of hand, the full force of the U.S. is now backing those who were until recently our polar opposites. America’s view of who constitutes our allies and our long standing goals in the Middle East are both on their heads. The American people would never consent to appointing a member of the Brotherhood to anything involving national interests, if they only understood!

The president has openly shown he has his plans for America in mind, and these do not align with  those of our citizens or the Constitution. No additional evidence is needed beyond even these few examples to reveal his true intent. Again, compare his actions with the Brotherhood’s goals. Sick, isn’t it.

Americans are suckers. We watch our country’s death day after day. Talk radio shows overflow with emotionally uttered and well informed comments. Truth is spoken and confirmed by others. People can discuss myriads of topics without taking a breath. And too many serve as ready listeners! But our talk accomplishes nothing to stop those subverting America!

To the praise of those now fighting: Many citizens are out trying to educate, inform, and truly help citizens understand America’s disappearance and these people are working to help mend the wound. Others among us have a passion to take America back in yet different ways. But for most of us, even our best contributions seem to bother or disrupt our enemies very little. Why?

For many decades the subversive  maneuvering to rule America has been the goal of  the Muslim Brotherhood. For each of these decades, and especially the more recent years, our elected officials at higher levels, and throughout various federal positions and agencies around the world, have willfully turned a blind eye to this war or joined in with our enemies for reasons of selfish gain. These individuals are accountable to the American people. Citizens who give a darn should unite, gather the facts, conduct citizen arrests, try these traitors, and go from there. No one else will do this. Those stealing this country are at ease. America offers nothing in resistance for them to fear, even though this country belongs to the citizens.

People who have facts and know the truth need to come forward and arm the public with the truth. Then, We The People will move forward and remove the filth and rot infecting this country. The Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents show that the destruction of America is one of the group’s major goals, as is the rise of an Islamic State, as is using the Palistianian conflict as a tool for generating global focus and leverage against Israel. The whole bloody plan is known! In times past, having the enemy’s plans would lead to the defenders having a field day exploiting such a find! Again, what suckers we are!

Obama and his administration are involved with the Brotherhood. Thus, Obama and his administration are actively and openly at war with America. If any American knows these things to be true, why the Hades are you and I not leading a massive legal or citizen campaign to deal with these people as they deserve? WHY? If we, for whatever timid or other invalid excuse, knowing the truth just sit on it and toss our knowledge around among people like ourselves, we are worthless as Americans and wasting valuable air.

At a minimum, my belief is we should be developing separate communities that refuse to be ruled by an enemy to America, one who has sought her destruction, lives above the nation’s laws but demands we live by them, and anything else they throw at us under threat of dealing with a perverted justice system. If Obama and company feel safe enough to decree themselves free of the FOIA, what dare you think is coming next? History can clue us in. I know others of you specialize in that area. Perhaps posting something would be helpful and ignite a fire in the lives of others.

Please become a Pro-Constitutional Citizen Coalition Freedom Fighter. Band  with those of like-mind and work your area for liberty and justice!

Do not give in! Make them take your blood!


Federal Judges CANNOT Write and Implement Law

The consequences for a Federal Judge who believes he or she can write law, and that free individual American citizens must submit to that judge’s demands, are vast and quite serious. The punishment fits the crime.

Read this post to be enlightened at what The Law can and should do to any rogue judge who believes they have that power.


Doctor seeking Illinois Senate seat offers brutal diagnosis of ObamaCare in viral video | Fox News

Doctor seeking Illinois Senate seat offers brutal diagnosis of ObamaCare in viral video | Fox News

Here is a transcript of what she said but you have to see the (1:40) video; I was unable to embed it.

“So, let me get this straight. This is a long sentence,” Bellar begins.

“We are going to be gifted with a health care plan that we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, that reportedly covers an additional 10 milion people without adding a single new doctor but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke.”

“So what the blank could possibly go wrong?”


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