Don’t Think Globalist Islam A Threat? Read This!


It is past time for the ignorant in America to wake the heck up and get with the program! You who read this, purpose get others to read about the horrific conditions across the world as surveyed in this article and keep sounding the alarm! Click here.

American Progressivists, delusional Leftists, and intentionally evil socialists fan the flames for Islamic jihad in our United Sates! This great country does not belong to global elitists to wreck! Yet we allow them free and unhindered access to the gateways of our land to alter our social fabric and institutions, and now we are being flooded with this worlds most wicked beings, Islamists!

Increased violence is coming here! Read what is unfolding across the globe that most people will never hear about. Please work to change this irresponsible willful blindness and stand against evil!



The Ryan Plan | A Roadmap for America’s Future | The Budget Committee Republicans

Here is a link to Paul Ryan’s plan for securing the fiscal security of America, which includes his plan for Medicare. There is a pdf version you can download and save to your computer or print.

It is incumbent on you to know the truth and not merely listen to what the media tell you, even the conservative media. If you are armed with the truth, you cannot be defeated.  -You Know I’m Right

The Roadmap Plan | A Roadmap for America’s Future | The Budget Committee Republicans.

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