Open Carry Everywhere

We’re sick at heart. Four Marines and a Sailor killed, because they were barred from being armed. Sickening. We’re also sick of the games. We’re sick of people not being allowed to protect their lives. We’re really angry that so many have lost their lives in gun-free zones, forced to submit to illegal restrictions put in place by control freak tyrants who either are armed themselves, or have armed guards with them at all times. This is wrong.

So, we made a change. We open carried in our local Home Depot today, and it was so liberating. I thought getting a concealed carry permit was empowering, and it was, but it was nothing compared to being in public and not hiding the fact that we were armed. I think it was also liberating because it takes courage, and we didn’t chicken out at the last minute!

No one bothered us; hardly anyone even noticed. We were hoping someone would notice – like a bad guy intent on doing harm, who would change his mind. Maybe that happened. Who knows? We were also hoping, and still are, that some other law-abiding types would notice, and be inspired to go openly armed more often, and get the public more used to seeing it.

We urge others to take a similar stand. The government is prohibited from preventing us, the people who created the government and are the REAL authority in this country, from carrying firearms to protect life, and protect this country from their idiotic tyrannical policies that get defenseless men, women, and children killed.

Find your courage. Start with a place that doesn’t have a sign, and do it. With the slaughter of America’s Finest fresh in the national cognition, the time is now.

Do it.




At the Highest Levels of US Government: Islamic Deceit, Fraud, Information Control, Lies, . . .


Each of these 10 minute podcasts is exceptional. Click here.

You owe it to yourself to hear podcast 3.

Learn how the Muslim Brotherhood, i.e. ISLAM, is controlling and destroying America. For instance, did you know the Islamists themselves invented the term “islamophobia” in the 1980’s specifically to counter criticism when it would become necessary? Our own government and many social institutions are aiding the enemy. Information control is essential, as is propaganda, to the Islamist’s plan. Islamists want to keep us from knowing what they are doing and they want to prohibit free citizens with understanding from sharing their knowledge.

The info war Islamists wage is very effective, primarily because of the ignorance of most Americans. Americans have become lazy, apathetic, self-centered, dependent, and entertainment addicted. There is no excuse for this. We are at war! We are losing!  Stop contributing to and participating in the forces that are destroying America! Learn what is truly happening and live to make a difference in this war, so you can educate and enlist as many others as possible while there is still time. One day, soon I fear, it WILL be too late.



First, this couldn’t happen to a nastier guy: Barnie Frank’s boyfriend offers blacks watermelon in exchange for votes. Comeuppance is sweet.

Second, and we saved the best for last, Cair leader gets busted for CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING. Islam is evil. Maybe this will finally open some eyes.

Obama Won’t Fight ISIS, so God Sends Pestilence!

There’s always a consequence. -YouKnowI’mRight

Islamic State militants in Raqqa, the group’s operations center in Syria, are succumbing to the flesh-eating parasitic disease leishmaniasis.

According to the anti-IS activist group “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently,” the disease has affected around 3,000 people in the jihadis’ territory.

Leishmaniasis causes skin lesions, which are generally easily treatable. But if left alone, the disease eats away at the patient’s flesh and can be ultimately fatal.



Muslim Congressman promotes Sharia Compliant Transaction Tax ?

America’s first Muslim Congressman and Co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Keith Ellison, has proposed a new financial transaction tax. The “Inclusive Prosperity Act” (HR 6411) seeks to tax all Wall Street financial transactions to provide “the revenue needed to invest in the education, health and communities of the American people.”

Congressman Ellison’s bill is not really a tax, but a penalty (much like the Obamacare tax is not a tax, but a penalty). Muslim’s [sic] don’t believe in the merits of American capitalist finance and its ill-gotten gains. To them charging or earning interest is a sin and any profits must be purged through a penalty that is donated to charity.

Read more:

via Muslim Congressman promotes Sharia Compliant Transaction Tax ?.

America, Islam is not compatible with our system of government. Not only that, but a sharia-compliant law violates our Constitution and should violate every patriot’s sensibilities as well. A law like this raises Islam above our Constitution. Kick Keith Ellison out on his ear. He’s waging jihad on America, “the Great Satan.” He should not be anywhere near our legislative process.   -You Know I’m Right

Hillary Attacking “We the People”

Hillary told the world that because our Constitution grants us freedom of speech, our Constitution is indirectly to blame for the recent attacks on our embassies. If we just didn’t have that pesky Constitution that gives us our freedom and our rights the rest of the world would not hate us. This is a lie! The attacks on our embassies are not the result of a video that our freedom allowed one of our citizens to make. I believe her remarks and the continued narrative in the media blaming the video are the latest salvos in the war on America’s freedoms. They establish a false premise being used to justify taking your freedom.

The truth is that America’s freedom is not responsible for those or any other attacks. Put the blame where it belongs: on the individuals committing the acts. The only people responsible are the ones who chose to commit the acts.

This point is crucial for Americans as well as people the world over to understand: Just as they confused “health insurance” with “access to health care” during the obamacare debacle, liberal progressives – and our government is filled with them – are trying to confuse “rights” with “freedoms” to make you think they are the same, that they come from our Constitution, and can therefore be changed if the Constitution is changed.

This statement from Mrs. Clinton’s speech in Morocco is typical of the strategy: “…our country does have a long tradition of free expression which is enshrined in our Constitution and our law…” Did you catch the deception in that statement? Freedom of speech is not merely a “tradition” that “our law allows.” It is a basic human right applicable to all people, and all laws to the contrary cannot change that fact.

I would bet that even a large number of Americans accept the false premise that we have our right to free speech, and other rights, because of our Constitution. It is a lie. “Rights” and “freedoms” are not the same. Our Constitution does not grant us our rights, as Mrs. Clinton’s statement suggests. It was written to guarantee us freedom from oppressive government so we can exercise our basic rights.

We do not have the right to speak our minds because of our Constitution. We do not have the right to worship as we see fit, defend ourselves, keep the fruits of our labors, and not be imprisoned by our government without due process, because of our Constitution. NO. It is the other way around. We have our Constitution because every human being has these and other basic rights. Our Constitution guarantees us that our government will not infringe on our rights, so that we are free to exercise them.

Every person alive has rights. We have rights because we have life, not because we have a Constitution. The facts that we have life and live in a dangerous world necessitate the right – and I would argue even the obligation – to protect that life, and all our other rights logically and naturally descend from that. Without the freedom to exercise our rights, our rights are meaningless, and we become slaves. We become less than human. Our founders knew this, and wrote our Constitution to protect us from the tyranny of a government that would suppress our freedom and subsequently our rights, and destroy our humanity.

We have the Constitution because our founders knew that tyranny, the hunger for power, is insatiable, and they also knew that no man or group of men (ie government) has the right to exercise power over or interfere with the rights of others. That is what “unalienable” means: government cannot “alienate” you from your rights. While government can suppress them with force, and keep you from exercising them, you still have these rights and you cannot be separated from them.

People the world over need to know this truth – that no document, legislation, person, or government has the right to interfere with basic human rights. Every person in the world by virtue of being alive has the same rights. We need to reject the foundation of this false narrative prison being constructed by our own government personnel before they slam the door shut on our freedom.

Let me be clear: Our own government is trying to establish the false narrative that Americans get our rights from our Constitution. This is not only blatantly untrue, and a deliberate deception, but a huge threat to Americans and people everywhere. Next, we will hear outright that our freedom of speech is a threat to our national security. We are already hearing that the free exercise of the Christian religion constitutes hate crimes. Pretty soon, we will be told that all of our freedoms are a threat to the rest of the world and need to be curbed.

Any attempt to curb the freedom to exercise any basic right is tyranny. Do you have any doubt that tyrants will do whatever they have to, to win? Because all our rights come from the fact that we live, and because we are free to talk about our rights and to teach others about rights and freedom, we are a threat to all tyrants.

We need to expose this deception, this false narrative, and nip it in the bud, RIGHT NOW, before there is a movement RIGHT HERE IN THE US to abolish our freedom to exercise our basic individual human rights. The government may have power, but it is ultimately weak because it is based on deception.

Tyrannical, power-hungry progressives are using clever lies and subtle deception to try to eliminate freedom in the United States. If the United States is no longer free, there will be no freedom anywhere. The time to stop this is now, before it gains momentum. The way to stop this is to proclaim the truth. Deception cannot stand up to the truth. Please use the First Amendment that protects your FREEDOM to exercise your RIGHT to speak the truth, and decry this deception that would enslave the world.

-You Know I’m Right

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