Here we go again…yawn…

So, obama says right wing terrorists are a bigger threat to the country than the actual terrorists. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We all know that “right wingers” are the ones who have the guns, and they are the ones who will defend this country against the left’s tyranny, so of course they have to be disarmed and prevented from doing that. By whatever tactics are necessary.

After all, obama loves this country and knows what’s best for the USA.


Don’t Think Globalist Islam A Threat? Read This!


It is past time for the ignorant in America to wake the heck up and get with the program! You who read this, purpose get others to read about the horrific conditions across the world as surveyed in this article and keep sounding the alarm! Click here.

American Progressivists, delusional Leftists, and intentionally evil socialists fan the flames for Islamic jihad in our United Sates! This great country does not belong to global elitists to wreck! Yet we allow them free and unhindered access to the gateways of our land to alter our social fabric and institutions, and now we are being flooded with this worlds most wicked beings, Islamists!

Increased violence is coming here! Read what is unfolding across the globe that most people will never hear about. Please work to change this irresponsible willful blindness and stand against evil!


Grover Norquist, George W. Bush, Muslim Brotherhood – Poison In the American System

This 10 min audio will lead you to bang your head against the closest wall. (First audio link, click here.)

Since the 1980s!



Obama and the Islamic Caliphate . . . His Ambition

Hello, Everyone.

If you hold any doubts on obama’s affection for Islam and his desires to see an Islamic Caliphate rise to world power, this should clear things up.

Check out the first 10 minute podcast.

Click here.


Obama’s Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds for FEMA, Disaster Relief

Once again, the demoncrats lie and accuse “the opposition” of what they themselves are doing. We really need to get this guy and his minions from hell out of there.  -You Know I’m Right

Obama’s Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds for FEMA, Disaster Relief.


Libya: “The President Didn’t Know” a “Bald-faced Lie”

Rush had a caller Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 named “Doug” who identified himself as a retired Lt. Col with 15 years as a special ops planner. “Doug” said that the story Panetta told about having to sift through intel, and therefore the president didn’t know about the attack for hours, is a complete lie. He called it a “bald-faced lie.”

“Doug” explained that there is a code called “flash traffic,” that would have been sent to the situation room IMMEDIATELY when the consulate came under attack, and that message would have been walked up PHYSICALLY to the president or whoever is standing beside the president (whatever that means) ALSO IMMEDIATELY. In addition, if the code indicated that the ambassador was missing, that would give the situation even more urgency.

This “flash traffic” code is like an instant message that pops up on the screen, and MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED. So, the story about having to sift through tons of emails to get to it, giving the president cover for the lie that he didn’t know about it for hours, “Doug” called “a bald-faced lie.”

He also said that there was a meeting held at 5 pm that same day during which the decision was made not to go in and rescue the ambassador; and in fact, to “stand down.”

Here is a link to the segment; you can read the transcript or, if you have 24/7, you can listen. I recommend reading it, because “Doug” also gives other details of much interest.

To me, the decision to “stand down” constitutes murder.

“Doug,” whoever you are, you’re a very brave man. I hope you are safe.

-You Know I’m Right


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