Take 10:30 seconds to hear this analysis of Nobama’s Iran disaster


Many comments could be generated after listening to this analysis, so it’s best just to ask you to hear it for yourself. It is podcast #1.

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?? Loretta Lynch’s Role in Money Laundering Settlement

One day after launching an investigation that could delay Loretta Lynch’s confirmation to be attorney general, a Republican senator is raising more questions about her role in a money laundering settlement involving a global bank, terrorists and drug cartels.

Lynch, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, negotiated a settlement in December 2012 with HSBC bank employees who were accused of funneling millions of dollars to terrorist organizations and Mexican drug cartels.

Her decision to let them walk away without criminal prosecution sparked inquiry from Sen. David VItter, R-La., and a host of questions Friday.

via Senator Demands Answers on Loretta Lynch’s Role in Money Laundering Settlement.

Please, Sen. Vitter, get to the bottom of this. Five’ll get you 10 she negotiated a little “settlement” for herself too. -YouKnowI’mRight

Rand Paul Goes All Establishment on Us

He’s been co-opted. Via Rand Paul: GOP Must Focus on Growth, Diversity to Win.(emphasis added):

Paul is fighting to move beyond his fathers shadow and build new alliances with mainstream Republicans as he eyes a presidential bid in 2016. He said he doesn’t plan to announce whether he will run until after the November midterm elections.

On Friday, he attended a private luncheon hosted by top Romney campaign advisers. He’s also helped fellow Republicans across the political spectrum raise money, including on Saturday for Maine Sen. Susan Collins, who is widely considered a moderate.

Paul said that he’s working with people with various views within the GOP because winning elections is done by building coalitions.

Is there any doubt he’s going to run in 2016? The only question I have is what is he going to run on? Growth? Diversity? All the crap the Republican Establishment is feeding us? Building coalitions – with whom? Moderates? Other losers? The Romney campaign advisers, because they have such a great record of success? Is this his winning strategy?

Personally, I think winning elections is done by focusing on honesty, integrity, and protecting liberty for the citizens of this great country, and not political gamesmanship. We’re smarter than you think, Senator.

-You Know I’m Right

Is Your US Rep or Senator Keeping His Oath?

Does your US elected official keep his oath of office, and vote in accordance with the Constitution? Find out here:

Constitution Scorecard

Dear Missouri:

Dear Missouri:

Todd Akin is your candidate now. So you need to do what you asked him to do – put the country first. Vote for Akin and get McCaskill outta there.


A Concerned Citizen who Wants a Republican Senate Majority

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