Here we go again…yawn…

So, obama says right wing terrorists are a bigger threat to the country than the actual terrorists. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We all know that “right wingers” are the ones who have the guns, and they are the ones who will defend this country against the left’s tyranny, so of course they have to be disarmed and prevented from doing that. By whatever tactics are necessary.

After all, obama loves this country and knows what’s best for the USA.


No Constitutional Right to Concealed Carry

The court got this one right. The Constitution doesn’t grant rights. It tells the government where to BACK OFF.

Don’t Think Globalist Islam A Threat? Read This!


It is past time for the ignorant in America to wake the heck up and get with the program! You who read this, purpose get others to read about the horrific conditions across the world as surveyed in this article and keep sounding the alarm! Click here.

American Progressivists, delusional Leftists, and intentionally evil socialists fan the flames for Islamic jihad in our United Sates! This great country does not belong to global elitists to wreck! Yet we allow them free and unhindered access to the gateways of our land to alter our social fabric and institutions, and now we are being flooded with this worlds most wicked beings, Islamists!

Increased violence is coming here! Read what is unfolding across the globe that most people will never hear about. Please work to change this irresponsible willful blindness and stand against evil!


Jade Helm ‘Training Exercise’ – Training FOR THIS

This is bad, people. Jade Helm is a training exercise, yes, and this is what they’re training for (link below):

The military plans to embed special forces in the general population to deal with domestic threats – er, “advance US interests.” Since the population of the US will not spy on each other, they plan to use embedded SOF operators to do the job. Seriously.

They also plan to “partner” with local agencies (i.e. police, sheriff, FBI, whoever) to “further” US interests and deal with whatever perceived threat they can think up: political dissidents, people who criticize the government, Christians who won’t support sinful lifestyles – 2nd Amendment supporters – whoever they decide needs to be dealt with. Here’s a quote from the introductory letter by Gen. Charles T. Cleveland: “…success will depend increasingly on our ability to … be as precise as possible in our unilateral application of force.” How do you like them apples?

This is unconstitutional, but who gives a rip about the Constitution anymore?

And don’t forget, the government granted itself, with passage of the Patriot Act, the power to kidnap and hold American citizens INDEFINITELY AND WITHOUT WARRANTS, WITHOUT CHARGES, AND WITHOUT ATTORNEY ACCESS, just on the president’s say-so. And you know how paranoid this government has become, because they know they are working against the American people.

Click to access ARSOF%20Operating%20Concept%202014.pdf

God bless and help this nation, and rain down terror on her enemies. Soon.



President Bush and the Muslim Brotherhood, and 9-11.


If the truth suggested in the title isn’t enough, hear how the Muslim Brotherhood is mechanically destroying America.

Now that their tactics are clear, what the hades are we waiting for!


Start listening at 5  minutes, podcast 3. (Although, the whole 10 minutes is eye opening.)

Take 10:30 seconds to hear this analysis of Nobama’s Iran disaster


Many comments could be generated after listening to this analysis, so it’s best just to ask you to hear it for yourself. It is podcast #1.

Click here.


Our Dictator Needs A Rebuke! Rogue. Globalist. Islamist.

Good morning, Reader.

Obama and company exert their unlawful powers in the most extreme and dangerous manner for this country. Click here. By nullifying public access to administration records, Obama and company have cut the cord between this country and its people. (Yes, I do believe he has done this already in many other ways. This one is, though, is a slap in the face.)

Obama has stolen this country by deceiving its people and doing things according to his will; which is a shared vision by many people across this globe: “planning the future today.”  Click here. No doubt you have heard of the Transpacific Partnership. Click here. There is also a Transatlantic Network. Click here.  Look around that site a bit. We’re being yanked from both shores!

All the while, this country was never Obama’s to change. It was never  “anyone’s” to change. Only the American people possess the right to choose and facilitate change!  Fundamentally transform America Obama is doing. With the help of the Muslim Brotherhood it is clipping right along. Our president should be elected on the premise that he will see to America’s well-being by responsible execution of his defined powers. Claiming his administration will no longer comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, that group declares itself  above the laws of  this land. They demonstrate no responsibility to Americans. They are rogue, and they will drain this country of every asset, whether financial, our liberty, our moral virtues and the truths they are built upon, even the very idea of American hope dies.

The Transpacific article linked to above shows that political elite and corporate greed fuel this trans-national unification. The Muslim Brotherhood’s 100 year plan shows similar goals, which explains why they are a mere tool serving globalist ends. Click here. A primary objective of the Brotherhood is seizing control of American assets (military, political, financial) is to build the Islamic State. This is one aspect of The Plan: “THE FIFTH POINT OF DEPARTURE To dedicate ourselves to the establishment of an Islamic state, in parallel with gradual efforts aimed at gaining control of local power centers through institutional action. a- Elements To channel thought, education and action in order to establish an Islamic power [government] on the earth. To influence centers of power both local and worldwide to the service of Islam.” Click here.

Did you ever conceive such self-centeredness, arrogance, corruption, and greed would be THE risk to hedge aganst when doing financial planning years ago in hopes that your retirement would come about a certain way? Your financial planning perhaps had some mention of geo-political risk in the analysis, but this is crazy! Of course not. And in times past, you would not need to be thinking of a possible reshuffling of the world, except now we’ve been delivered into the hands of those who loathe American independence and all the United States of America stands for in her Constitutional purity. Thank you, Mr. Obama.

A second item for rebuke is Obama’s affection for all things Muslim Brotherhood and Islam.  I believe it right to conclude America on the global level is already under Islamic control. Not American citizens. This is due  to the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of the federal government and the White House. Obama’s new appointee to the Middle East (Click here) is a clear example of America’s policy shift. Nothing good will come from this appointment. The man hates Israel. He is involved with the Brotherhood. Obama appointed him. Why? Can it be that all this is linked to the Brotherhood’s goal of eliminating Israel?

With a clever sleight of hand, the full force of the U.S. is now backing those who were until recently our polar opposites. America’s view of who constitutes our allies and our long standing goals in the Middle East are both on their heads. The American people would never consent to appointing a member of the Brotherhood to anything involving national interests, if they only understood!

The president has openly shown he has his plans for America in mind, and these do not align with  those of our citizens or the Constitution. No additional evidence is needed beyond even these few examples to reveal his true intent. Again, compare his actions with the Brotherhood’s goals. Sick, isn’t it.

Americans are suckers. We watch our country’s death day after day. Talk radio shows overflow with emotionally uttered and well informed comments. Truth is spoken and confirmed by others. People can discuss myriads of topics without taking a breath. And too many serve as ready listeners! But our talk accomplishes nothing to stop those subverting America!

To the praise of those now fighting: Many citizens are out trying to educate, inform, and truly help citizens understand America’s disappearance and these people are working to help mend the wound. Others among us have a passion to take America back in yet different ways. But for most of us, even our best contributions seem to bother or disrupt our enemies very little. Why?

For many decades the subversive  maneuvering to rule America has been the goal of  the Muslim Brotherhood. For each of these decades, and especially the more recent years, our elected officials at higher levels, and throughout various federal positions and agencies around the world, have willfully turned a blind eye to this war or joined in with our enemies for reasons of selfish gain. These individuals are accountable to the American people. Citizens who give a darn should unite, gather the facts, conduct citizen arrests, try these traitors, and go from there. No one else will do this. Those stealing this country are at ease. America offers nothing in resistance for them to fear, even though this country belongs to the citizens.

People who have facts and know the truth need to come forward and arm the public with the truth. Then, We The People will move forward and remove the filth and rot infecting this country. The Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents show that the destruction of America is one of the group’s major goals, as is the rise of an Islamic State, as is using the Palistianian conflict as a tool for generating global focus and leverage against Israel. The whole bloody plan is known! In times past, having the enemy’s plans would lead to the defenders having a field day exploiting such a find! Again, what suckers we are!

Obama and his administration are involved with the Brotherhood. Thus, Obama and his administration are actively and openly at war with America. If any American knows these things to be true, why the Hades are you and I not leading a massive legal or citizen campaign to deal with these people as they deserve? WHY? If we, for whatever timid or other invalid excuse, knowing the truth just sit on it and toss our knowledge around among people like ourselves, we are worthless as Americans and wasting valuable air.

At a minimum, my belief is we should be developing separate communities that refuse to be ruled by an enemy to America, one who has sought her destruction, lives above the nation’s laws but demands we live by them, and anything else they throw at us under threat of dealing with a perverted justice system. If Obama and company feel safe enough to decree themselves free of the FOIA, what dare you think is coming next? History can clue us in. I know others of you specialize in that area. Perhaps posting something would be helpful and ignite a fire in the lives of others.

Please become a Pro-Constitutional Citizen Coalition Freedom Fighter. Band  with those of like-mind and work your area for liberty and justice!

Do not give in! Make them take your blood!


Truth Hammers America’s Enemies!

This is almost too much for one day!


Arrest warrant for George  Soros!

Hillary Clinton, Grover Norquist and their ties to Islamic jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood becoming exposed!

Muslim Brotherhood’s Self-Inflicted Wound

These people rely on their reason and willingness to do anything necessary to achieve their ends. Some of the more prominent aspects of their plans on how to destroy America are found in the decades old document exposing the Brotherhood’s agenda See here. And here. It’s shocking to average Americans that our government in full knowledge of this revelation has stuffed our federal system with Brotherhood-minded devotees. If you are not yet aware, our national government is severely compromised. See here.

As smart as these individuals are, they left a number of gaps in their thinking and errors in their actions for us to find and exploit. I deem it especially encouraging that more and more American citizens are becoming educated on the Brotherhood and exposing the remainder of the uneducated public to their subversive actions which, unfortunately, are fully encouraged by our own government. Don’t ponder too much over how this relationship could come about. Power corrupts.

So, today, if you are someone completely unaware of the Muslim Brotherhood, please take the time to get with the program. Learn what you can and tell all the people you know about them as well. Growing exposure and pressure on our elected officials, especially if they have been corrupted by the Brotherhood’s ploys to side with them over American citizens, both removes their hide and agitates them increasingly. American citizens must in an ever increasing manner subject them to our verbal raking and humiliation. We have every right to deem them guilty of subversion as foreign enemies, and as domestic enemies. They condemn themselves with their own words. Even if those with the power to protect our country through proper legal channels fail to perform their duties, we’re not going to cower.

Next, check out this article. See here. The Islamic manifesto under construction for the British parliament sounds benign and even seems to have gained some advanced approval by some politicians.

“The initiate received support from a number of leading politicians, such as David Ward, the elected MP for Bradford East. ‘When I look down here (at the Manifesto) I find it difficult to isolate or differentiate the Muslim-bit of it,’ he said.” – See more at:

This whole enterprise, that of identifying common social ills, then offering from an Islamic point of view solutions (overtly Islamic or not, but never violating sharia) is itself one of the Brotherhood’s steps in bringing a country under Islamic control. See here, especially Departure Points 3 and 4. This very action is found in the Brotherhood’s plans as steps in destroying America. Someone may retort, cannot Muslims offer their views as part of a unified community? Great question! Let’s consider it.

Here is what we know. The Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the West. We know their methods. What is expressed from the article about the Islamic manifesto shows traces of what is contained in the Brotherhood’s plans. Go figure.

Here is another example to learn from.

“Can anyone argue with me, when the Prophet came, his notion of Ummah at that point was Sabians, Christians, Jews and Muslims. It wasn’t exclusively Muslim,” he said.

“Whether we choose now to turn the word Ummah into exclusively Muslim is not my problem, it’s certainly not the definition I saw our Prophet use. Our politics is about Britain, about humanity, the human beings that live in this country.”

“It is important for us as Muslims to recognize how the Prophet identified the Ummah – as a community of people with different faiths who come together for the benefit of the community.

On the surface, this sounds wholesome. Coming from a Muslim, it seems worthy of entertaining. Similar thoughts coming from a Christian or Jew would be spat upon. But, this quote contains a lie. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No proper Muslim can accept the Ummah as containing non-Muslims. Note the phrase, “at that point.” Everyone educated on the basics of Islam knows Mohammed did not keep this view for long, and he and his community slaughtered anyone not of his community. The Ummah cannot contain non-Muslims. Thus, one must conclude this entire manifesto enterprise is a lie and a ploy for gaining further control of Europe and the West.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s self-inflicted wound is that it has let itself be known before the entire world. Its plans are public. The Brotherhood has openly declared war on specific cultures, nations and peoples. Found in their own manifesto are the creation of an Islamic State (Departure 5), a Global Jihad (Departure 9), and the elevation of the Palestinian Cause (Departure 11) as critical to accomplish their objectives. Therefore, they bring condemnation upon themselves for the bloodshed, loss of life and property, and the utterly despicable and shameful perpetration of violence upon innocent people for their selfish gain. This, dear reader, shows not the evidence of a Holy and Just God but of the Devil. The Brotherhood’s own words, actions, and aims are demonic. This, dear friend, should ignite all Americans to unity with no hesitation. In America, they should be arrested, tried for all valid charges, and receive swift punishment. So should any American who assists or joins their work!

Those involved with the Brotherhood and all likeminded are all just ordinary men and women, proud, arrogant, godless (because they have made Islam into an idol), deceptive, two-faced, unwilling to live at peace or in harmony with others who don’t share their man-based religious views, deceived and being deceived, lost, hopeless, twisters of God’s true words, and more! Read the Old Testament, which had to exist in sound form during Mohammad’s life or else portions of their Quran would be false. Then, inform Islamists what the true God said of people he used as tools of judgment.

If Islamists see themselves as God’s tool of judgment upon the West, then they must understand that every tool God used went too far in giving credit to themselves for their success over the punished nation and they went too far in their brutality. In the end, the punisher merited God’s judgment. Again, Islamists are just men! And they need to repent during this time of God’s grace, and humble and submit themselves under God’s promise and the promise child of Sarah, just as Hagar was commanded to return and submit by the Angel of the LORD. (Genesis 16:9, see also vs. 10-16)

Those of us standing in the gap to protect this country, please become educated on these points and tell others. Pray for those of this land, regardless of their faith, to repent as God directs.


A 2nd Call For Action To Save This Country

Greetings, everyone.

Seems removing the nation’s chief problem is on another individual’s mind. Jon has a good action step suggested. Let’s get some momentum going and see this transition happen!


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