I am a retired Army patriot, who still works for a living, and I am fairly disgusted with the direction our once great country is headed. I feel that barak hussein obama is without a doubt the most disastrous and devisive president this nation has ever suffered under. Our republic is under extreme duress due to this administrations complete disregard for our constitution and the Christian principles under which it was founded. Under this “Regime”, Christianity is being vilified and marginalized while islam is being openly courted and democratized. Islam: The most restrictive and demeaning political system on the planet, is in NO WAY compatible with democracy, yet our “leaders” give away billions of dollars in support each year to countries who see us as the Great Satan! Our border security is a joke. Our Supreme Court is anything but supreme, and the Affordable Care Act is the most damaging piece of legislation ever signed by any president. This nation is being methodically dismantled by a bunch of liberal, brainwashed democrats, and I will take every opportunity to expose their socialist agenda and call them out for the fools that they are. Political correctness be damned!


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