Truth Hammers America’s Enemies!

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Arrest warrant for George  Soros!

Hillary Clinton, Grover Norquist and their ties to Islamic jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood becoming exposed!

Betrayal Papers Part IV, and More


Please take the time to read Part IV in total. Click here. You will become infuriated by what you learn!

Also, please listen to the first 10 minute podcast found here. You will become more infuriated, if you can believe it.

Is Lindsey Graham an enemy of this country? See here. This will make your head explode!

I beg you, review this information soon then send it on.

This country is in SERIOUS jeopardy. That means you, your family, friends, loved ones are in peril.  If you and your family are not this moment prepared to face a large-scale and lengthy crisis, stop procrastinating! Partner up with others sharing your convictions. You will not have time, resources, safe travel, etc., to try to do these things later.


Federal Judges CANNOT Write and Implement Law

The consequences for a Federal Judge who believes he or she can write law, and that free individual American citizens must submit to that judge’s demands, are vast and quite serious. The punishment fits the crime.

Read this post to be enlightened at what The Law can and should do to any rogue judge who believes they have that power.


This is Holy Putridness: Oxford Press Cowers to Islamism, Part III.b – A Reply

“Oxford University Press has forbidden their writers to mention pork in any of their writings so as to not offend Muslims.”

This is holy putridness!

Greetings, Reader.

Life without meaning is not life. Life with the wrong meaning is hell. Once you leave this world and look back on your life, it cannot be changed. What you did during your life will follow you and witness for or against you before God. You who mock at this set of propositions may as well stop your reading here. I do not write for your entertainment.

Our quest for “the truth” of Islam’s claim that eating pork is detrimental to one’s life, body and soul, even to society’s life and soul, naturally pits the bible’s Apostle Paul’s understanding and words against Islam’s. Islam generally, and its view of not eating pork, is addressed by the bible. What Islam claims and represents as being Allah’s will were identified and judged to be error by the true and living God and expressed to humanity by the biblical writers. Paul’s statements on this topic are very clear.

For our purposes here, accepting what the bible says as true or false is not the critical point. That is a different and important topic which should be discussed later. I will not here argue for the Apostle Paul’s writings being God’s word or true. I’m assuming they are. I do this to create a situation where the Islamist view of pork which they claim is true can be challenged by a contradictory claim on the same subject. This leads us to see that without question Paul’s writings address Islam’s prohibition on pork and Islam’s interpretation of pork’s ramifications for life. Islam’s claims are contradictory to Christianity’s. Contradictory claims on eating pork and pork’s effects cannot both be true claims or statements of fact. It is only possible for both sets of claims to be false, or one claim to be true and the other false.

If you scanned even a small portion of the article referenced at the end of the prior post (Click Here) did you ponder even the smallest bit about the validity of some the writer’s claims? Here is a sample that interested me.

“The abstention from eating pork is one of the steps taken by Islam to practice hygiene and to attain purity of soul.”

“Islam teaches us how to attain the virtues and how to give up bad habits because both good and bad grow in the man according to his upbringing, education and environment.”

“Islam doesn’t recommend the complete abrogation of these impulses [natural desires] but offers a method of controlling them through religious education and discipline.”

“Consumption of swine-flesh creates lowliness in character and destroys moral and spiritual faculties in a man.”

“Those nations, which consume pork habitually, have a low standard of morality with the result that . . . “

“Since the European nations have become addicted to wine and pork, sexual freedom with all its attendant evils has got ingrained in their culture. Consequently, homosexuality has been legalized by the British Parliament.”

“However, in the consumption of flesh Muslims are required to be selective and to distinguish between Halaal (Lawful) and Haraam (Unlawful). This step leads automatically to the deeper understanding of the need for the cultivation of a pure human nature. As blood is virtually our life-stream and whatever we consume ultimately affects the blood system, it is, therefore, necessary to exercise choice in the selection of our food and drinks as part of the requirements of the Shariah.” (Source)

Before going on, please think hard on what is being conveyed above and represents Islam. Islam’s position is you are, in part, morally inwardly and outwardly what you eat. Only Shariah can tell someone what is proper or not. Mere human judgment, per Islam, leads one astray. This cry against pork is for Muslims, non-Muslim, and all of society. Imposing pork laws on non-Muslims (even a prohibition against writing on pork) is an example of how Shariah and Islam spread. This is “social jihad” and it is one way Islam seeks to conquer non-Islamic societies. Do not ever forget, Islam is at war with all that is non-Islamic!

I pause to offer Jesus Christ’s words:

 “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man. . . Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man.” Matthew 15:11 (read 15:1-20)

I have nothing to add. Jesus’ words are absolutely clear. Both Islam and Christianity view Jesus Christ as sinless. Therefore, his words stand on their own strength.

Now, consider this: For the sake of argument, assume that both the Quran and the Bible are true in what they report. I can in good conscience report that Islam is biblical. Whoa! Gideon, how can you say that? How is Islam biblical? Through condemnation! Islam’s restriction on eating pork (bacon) for purposes of soul-health, and keeping Sharia—which is keeping Allah’s law and thus may merit his favor—reveals Islam is not of God. Hundreds of years before Mohammed ever opened his eyes and drew his first breath the Apostle Paul spoke of Mohammed “categorically” and condemned him and Islamic beliefs and practices. In Paul’s words to Timothy, Paul wrote:

1 Timothy 4:1-5, New American Standard Bible (NASB)

“But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.”

To the Church at Corinth, Paul wrote:

“But food will not commend us to God; we are neither the worse if we do not eat, nor the better if we do eat.” (I Cor 8:8)

These biblical truths were accessible to Mohammed because the Quran unequivocally reports the New Testament was in sound condition during his life. Mohammed had access to both the book to the Jews and the book to the Christians. If Mohammed rejected God’s truth in those books Mohammed rejected God’s word! Paul correctly identifies Mohammed as a promoter of deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. Followers of Islam do the same. This is the reason Islam is so bloody and Muslims lie: they are of their father, the devil! (As Jesus said in John 8:44.)

God grants people a life of freedom and liberty that stems from one’s “truth relationship” with God through Jesus Christ, in the power and purity of the Holy Spirit. Those living this biblically established way may, with gratitude to God, enjoy whatever one wants to eat—which definitely includes pork and bacon! God states man’s problem is a spiritual problem stemming from each person’s heart: rebellion. Thus, it requires a different sort of remedy. Beyond this, God forbid that humanity would ever seek to purify for itself a special race fashioned according to what it eats, engineering “pure ones” as some master race! Mohammed rebelled from God’s revealed truth, to which he had access, and his doctrine of demons is fulfilling the fruit of Islam’s father: killing.

Islam, according to Jesus Christ’s and Paul’s words, by subjugating itself to itself is an example of “evil men and imposters . . . deceiving and being deceived.” (2 Tim 3:13) Islam, by forcing others to submit to this base and godless way of life, is demonic and deceitful. God clearly condemns Islam! God is not the author of confusion or lies. Satan is. God is not the author of lies and murders. Satan is. (John 8:44)

This series will be completed in Part III.c


Part I, Part II, Part III.a,

This is Holy Putridness: Oxford Press Cowers to Islamism, Part III.a – A Response

“Oxford University Press has forbidden their writers to mention pork in any of their writings so as to not offend Muslims.”

This is holy putridness!

To my readers, Greetings.

(For clarification: I often substitute “bacon” for “pork,” because “bacon” makes this topic so very personal. Many of us enjoy pork as bacon or some other way, and are thankful for pork throughout our lives. Liberty toward eating (and saying or writing on any subject)  permits me to act freely per my conscience and God’s true word: the Bible. See Genesis 9:3. Prohibitions, FOR ISRAEL, against eating pork Leviticus 11:8-9. Prohibitions against ISRAEL eating pork REVOKED Acts 10:9 and following. False Islamic views presented: click here. Read the first 3 paragraphs under the heading “Body and Soul.” This is a perfect example of how blind Muslims are regarding God’s word, the Bible, and life with God.)

The well from which to draw truths concerning Oxford U. Press’ decision is very deep. And, our ladle must only dip from the water’s surface, dare I occupy too much time. Be aware, I’m leaving out many thoughts initially considered necessary moving on a most critical issue. My focus will offend many, but this should not bother you because to have read the prior parts of this series shows you are a thinking person.

The category of truth presses itself upon us. And, yes, truth offends. Hidden to the casual reader of Oxford’s “bacon verboten” decision is the Muslim claim about bacon: Eating bacon affects a person’s relation with Allah (God, for the sake of comparison). But, truly, does eating or not eating bacon (further expanded to even discussing or writing on the topic) have any bearing on a person’s relationship with God? Does the Muslim view of bacon and laws surrounding it truly have any religious weight, and if not, why then do people subject themselves and others to its enslaving yoke?

Truth exists. Muslims believe it does. How about the proud elitist types at Oxford U. Press? It seems they have accepted this (religious) truth. But do they accept it because they are Muslim or because of fear, blackmail, deception, or just plain ignorance and arrogance? Perhaps they simply love power and truth doesn’t matter. They exercise “Will to power,” not “Will to what is right.” Moral absolutes cannot exist, so they claim, but power clearly does. To power we run! And, for them, it seems, only Islam demonstrates “power.”

Thus, here we are. We philosophers observe the vicious and violent spread of Islamism and this demands we—those of us who are thinking people—engage to stop the insanity and retake the intellectual ground. If you accept that religious statements are propositions and have truth values, as with all other statements of supposed fact, are you letting this world die a wretched death? Does not Truth beckon you to secure her honor? Will you let the religious claims made by Muslims stand as true if they are not, and will you let the blind masses perish because of lies? If you are a thinking person, enlist in the Philosopher’s Corps!

Truth and error have been forgotten. All that counts now is not offending Muslims, the evolutionary drive of power-based group domination, and animalistic devouring of others into a hellish existence. The death of truth leads to “power-justified savagery!” Humanity is left with mere power and brutality. War has become the “all-in-all!” Earth-bound and debauched reason and wealth are spent creating plans for wiping out others or bartering with others for methods to eliminate all opposition! Who cares whether some belief is true or false. That’s old world thinking. Conquering is all that matters!

Let us now sit down to bacon. Why should I, a thinking being, and a non-Muslim, submit to the Islamist’s view of bacon (of all the stupid things one can be controlled by—food!), if the Islamic position that eating or not eating pork has no bearing on my standing before MY God? If Muslims choose to live that way, fine. Leave me out of your warped thinking. But, no, they cannot. Everyone must agree with them or they are offended. Give me a break!

Control is the actual reason, I sincerely and unapologetically believe, why this restriction concerning bacon exists. Allah’s law is such that adherence to it distinguishes Muslims from all other peoples on the earth. Muslims are Allah’s community. No one else is. Thus, they must not eat bacon. But to force non-Muslims to abstain from the liberty of eating what they want is tyranny, manipulation, extortion, and utter weakness. “To bacon or not to bacon!” The acquiescence of non-Muslims to anything Muslim is to them evidence of conquest. It’s that simple.

More bacon please! The statement, “Eating bacon contradicts God’s law,” is either a true or false claim. To disbelieve this statement means, “I believe this statement is false. Eating bacon DOES NOT contradict God’s law.” Making this statement, I had better ground my belief in something other than my taste buds! That “something” moves my mere belief about bacon into the category of high plausibility (that my position on bacon is actually correct) and then on to truth: a truth that eating bacon is not against God’s law, and someone best provide me sufficient argument to cause me to rethink my position.

Those arguing for the validity of the claim, “Eating bacon contradicts God’s law,” must ground their belief in some authority: reason, the Quran, someone else’s beliefs, etc. And I must follow suit. So, we now have two competing views of which only one can be true, if either is.

One: Eating bacon is wrong before Allah. (Muslims take offense when bacon is written of. Secular institutions cower to Muslims’ offense over bacon. Secular institutions mandate people—secure in their liberty to eat bacon—come under the yoke of Muslim bondage because some particular secular entity has enslaved itself to a religious belief and believes it has some authority to control the lives of others. Or they just want to be in vogue.)

Two: Eating bacon is not wrong before God. (Human beings can eat what they want, and eating or not eating food of any sort has no bearing on a person’s relationship with God.) Therefore, institutions, please do as you choose. Writers, write what you want! Consumer, go where you go! And, all—PLEASE—be at peace with God, yourself, and others.

In Part III.b, I will provide more argument against Islam’s anti-bacon treachery. You may read  this in advance of Part III.b.


Part I

Part II

Egyptian Government Closes 27,000 MOSQUES

See here.


Betrayal Papers, Part III

Part III

Be sure to read Parts I and II, if you have not yet done so.


Austria Taming Islam! Part II

Austria clearly understands what threatens its people and country. See here. The video portion is about 12 minutes and adds some helpful perspective. It’s worth 12 minutes.

Leading by example is so rare in our world, but it’s so refreshing to see. Austria’s actions also strengthen the hope of those who understand what is at stake, and that perhaps other free nations will battle more tactfully against this global aggressor.


Muslim Brotherhood’s Self-Inflicted Wound

These people rely on their reason and willingness to do anything necessary to achieve their ends. Some of the more prominent aspects of their plans on how to destroy America are found in the decades old document exposing the Brotherhood’s agenda See here. And here. It’s shocking to average Americans that our government in full knowledge of this revelation has stuffed our federal system with Brotherhood-minded devotees. If you are not yet aware, our national government is severely compromised. See here.

As smart as these individuals are, they left a number of gaps in their thinking and errors in their actions for us to find and exploit. I deem it especially encouraging that more and more American citizens are becoming educated on the Brotherhood and exposing the remainder of the uneducated public to their subversive actions which, unfortunately, are fully encouraged by our own government. Don’t ponder too much over how this relationship could come about. Power corrupts.

So, today, if you are someone completely unaware of the Muslim Brotherhood, please take the time to get with the program. Learn what you can and tell all the people you know about them as well. Growing exposure and pressure on our elected officials, especially if they have been corrupted by the Brotherhood’s ploys to side with them over American citizens, both removes their hide and agitates them increasingly. American citizens must in an ever increasing manner subject them to our verbal raking and humiliation. We have every right to deem them guilty of subversion as foreign enemies, and as domestic enemies. They condemn themselves with their own words. Even if those with the power to protect our country through proper legal channels fail to perform their duties, we’re not going to cower.

Next, check out this article. See here. The Islamic manifesto under construction for the British parliament sounds benign and even seems to have gained some advanced approval by some politicians.

“The initiate received support from a number of leading politicians, such as David Ward, the elected MP for Bradford East. ‘When I look down here (at the Manifesto) I find it difficult to isolate or differentiate the Muslim-bit of it,’ he said.” – See more at:

This whole enterprise, that of identifying common social ills, then offering from an Islamic point of view solutions (overtly Islamic or not, but never violating sharia) is itself one of the Brotherhood’s steps in bringing a country under Islamic control. See here, especially Departure Points 3 and 4. This very action is found in the Brotherhood’s plans as steps in destroying America. Someone may retort, cannot Muslims offer their views as part of a unified community? Great question! Let’s consider it.

Here is what we know. The Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the West. We know their methods. What is expressed from the article about the Islamic manifesto shows traces of what is contained in the Brotherhood’s plans. Go figure.

Here is another example to learn from.

“Can anyone argue with me, when the Prophet came, his notion of Ummah at that point was Sabians, Christians, Jews and Muslims. It wasn’t exclusively Muslim,” he said.

“Whether we choose now to turn the word Ummah into exclusively Muslim is not my problem, it’s certainly not the definition I saw our Prophet use. Our politics is about Britain, about humanity, the human beings that live in this country.”

“It is important for us as Muslims to recognize how the Prophet identified the Ummah – as a community of people with different faiths who come together for the benefit of the community.

On the surface, this sounds wholesome. Coming from a Muslim, it seems worthy of entertaining. Similar thoughts coming from a Christian or Jew would be spat upon. But, this quote contains a lie. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No proper Muslim can accept the Ummah as containing non-Muslims. Note the phrase, “at that point.” Everyone educated on the basics of Islam knows Mohammed did not keep this view for long, and he and his community slaughtered anyone not of his community. The Ummah cannot contain non-Muslims. Thus, one must conclude this entire manifesto enterprise is a lie and a ploy for gaining further control of Europe and the West.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s self-inflicted wound is that it has let itself be known before the entire world. Its plans are public. The Brotherhood has openly declared war on specific cultures, nations and peoples. Found in their own manifesto are the creation of an Islamic State (Departure 5), a Global Jihad (Departure 9), and the elevation of the Palestinian Cause (Departure 11) as critical to accomplish their objectives. Therefore, they bring condemnation upon themselves for the bloodshed, loss of life and property, and the utterly despicable and shameful perpetration of violence upon innocent people for their selfish gain. This, dear reader, shows not the evidence of a Holy and Just God but of the Devil. The Brotherhood’s own words, actions, and aims are demonic. This, dear friend, should ignite all Americans to unity with no hesitation. In America, they should be arrested, tried for all valid charges, and receive swift punishment. So should any American who assists or joins their work!

Those involved with the Brotherhood and all likeminded are all just ordinary men and women, proud, arrogant, godless (because they have made Islam into an idol), deceptive, two-faced, unwilling to live at peace or in harmony with others who don’t share their man-based religious views, deceived and being deceived, lost, hopeless, twisters of God’s true words, and more! Read the Old Testament, which had to exist in sound form during Mohammad’s life or else portions of their Quran would be false. Then, inform Islamists what the true God said of people he used as tools of judgment.

If Islamists see themselves as God’s tool of judgment upon the West, then they must understand that every tool God used went too far in giving credit to themselves for their success over the punished nation and they went too far in their brutality. In the end, the punisher merited God’s judgment. Again, Islamists are just men! And they need to repent during this time of God’s grace, and humble and submit themselves under God’s promise and the promise child of Sarah, just as Hagar was commanded to return and submit by the Angel of the LORD. (Genesis 16:9, see also vs. 10-16)

Those of us standing in the gap to protect this country, please become educated on these points and tell others. Pray for those of this land, regardless of their faith, to repent as God directs.


Post–Constitution America Home Fortification Steps: New World Thinking, Part I

Greetings, friends.

Our nation and the world plummet deeper into their respective futures as the moments pass. It’s safe to say that many people live each day unconscious of this and are therefore unaffected by the cumulative set of prior decisions and consequences bearing down on them at any point. True enough, the present contains the past, and together they reflect or sketch, but do not necessitate, the future. Those who see this fact also understand someone can take steps ahead of time in an attempt to provide certain options for later use. Let’s call this capacity to see and act “wisdom.” Seizing an opportunity drawn from observations is an asset. We understand the future is not solely defined by our past.

I trust the preceding paragraph has drawn your mind away from any preconceived notions and distractions you carried into the reading of this paper. Clarity is important when it comes to self-preservation. I’m assuming that many of you have addressed the points covered below. If so, you deserve to be commended. Others of you have geared up to the best level possible. You feel confident as your imagination comforts you with scenarios of how well you’ll do when the sand hits the fan. I plead God’s mercy to each of us as we live to stop demonic and anti-liberty forces of evil from destroying this country.

The block of history America and the world are now moving through is a transitional mode some hope will lead to a new world order. Individuals cannot stop this global current of forces and social upheavals. Knowing the future is not cemented, though, we must change our thinking and adapt not just in reference to some perceived end state—the elites’ sterile new world—but also to the likely tumultuous experiences the globe will undergo en route to achieving that end. We look at those conditions defining the road to the end. How shall we then live?

Consider now your home. Our country’s rogue leadership and that poisonous asp the Muslim Brotherhood, and all their blind and spiritually malnourished lemmings, believe they already have the United States of America under their turbans! Unfortunately, they will have it if we give it to them! We must all agree and believe that their goal of universal domination and the new world order can be thwarted and advancement slowed by what we do. Securing our homes is part of that overall task, for it is one place someone looking for us will certainly go.

Let us discuss how to make the task of extracting us from our homes more difficult. We must assume we will be threatened by lawless people seeking to apprehend us, our families, and our assets, and who have no regard for our lives. It makes no difference if they are gang, military, law enforcement, or former good neighbors; they want you and what you have, and will attempt entry. The aggressors will do what is necessary. We must think and act with this realization in mind.

In addition, being detained is the one thing nobody reading this paper can permit. Once in the system, the likelihood of release deteriorates as each day passes. Therefore, we fully realize that our homes must become secure places providing adequate protection from those energized by anti-constitutional and new world thinking.

Starting with the obvious, ensure all doors, windows, and locks work properly. Replace standard hinge screws with 2.5” or 3” screws on external doors. Inspect your house with a critical eye: Do any doors or windows need additional locks? Can you add a nail or a pin in the door or window fame for extra security? Can someone activate a latch or lock knob by breaking a nearby window? Do door lights, both inside and outside, work properly? Should interior or exterior motion sensors for lights or alarms be installed? Are there places to mount real or look-alike alarms and cameras? Are any roof or basement access points not secured properly? These points become even more important to check if your home has multiple blind spots or entry points that an intruder would naturally attempt to breach.

If the home is large and few people, or senior citizens, reside there, controlling access to entry points is more critical. Can you add a bar of some type across any high risk entry doors or windows for extra protection from battering rams, or replace hollow doors with solid core or even steel doors? Could you use a cable to secure a patio door handle to a cabinet support beam, or something else immovable in that same room? Do you have a bar or piece of wood in the track of your patio door, or a pin or nail through both frames to prevent it from opening? Is your pet door secured? Items can be tossed into the home through those small doors disabling those inside.

Let’s return to the situation of a large home with only an individual or a couple living there. One can seal off a section of the home. A secured series of rooms can become an area to quarantine aggressors. If they get through one layer of access points, another must be strong enough to halt their progress. I’m not going suggest what creative ways home occupants can discourage an invader’s progress, but with some imagination the path can be made very difficult and painful for the aggressor.

Another option for windows, and stairways, is to hang a piece of metal mesh or something like chicken wire on the backside of the window (behind curtains). Use cup hooks to easily hang or remove the wire mesh. You want something that will stop rocks, fire bombs, canisters, and people from gaining easy access. This is critical if you expect gang or rogue LE might break into your home. The brief moment when the intruders realize what’s happening is your opening to engage effectively and dispatch that threat. Truck cargo nets work well for this and are affordable.

This same hindrance can be used on stairways. Pieces of furniture, vacuum cleaners, luggage, many household items can be linked together via a cable and become a clog on a stairway for intruders. As with the situation regarding the windows backed by mesh, the split second those stair climbing aggressors realize they cannot make it to the top is the moment you must dispatch them. These uninvited guests may have ballistic shields or ballistic blankets, so consider what you’ll send their way. It’s advisable to have goggles or a mask of some sort, since gas may be their present to you. If you suspect they’d use NV, then greet them with excessive light.

Stay tuned for Part II.


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