The Global Chess Game – It’s About Oil and Control

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If what this article reports is true, then the risks for global war and mayhem skyrocket!

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Iran Truth Panel – What the Public Must Know


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The lies by our government are huge!



I may need a new keyboard after spewing coffee all over mine when I read this! Dontcha love it when the worm turns?

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“A prominent hacker tells Fox News’ James Rosen that Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for private use.”

via Hillary’s Multiple Private Emails With Her Muslim Assistant Huma Abedin Are Being Investigated For Muslim Brotherhood Connections – Freedom Outpost.


Citizens Arrest – Part of the National Solution

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I was just stating to an individual the other day that US citizens arresting certain officials could be part of  a plan to take back control of this country. This morning, I come across an example of such citizen action occurring on a large scale in Park County, Illinois. See here.

The other steps to succeed on the national level include knowing the laws broken, having sufficient cause to obtain warrants, serving those warrants, having replacements standing by to fill the vacant positions of those arrested, and having sufficient force to see this process through. Now, I believe much of this background work has already been accomplished. We simply need leadership to assemble the parts and get a move on.

Our nation is led by lawless and derelict people, and foreign invaders, who don’t give a rat’s rear what they are doing to America or its people. Constitutionally-based America must go away.  Not only do these false leaders not care about the damage they cause, they revel in it!

We must throw these people out now before we lose the possibility of ever doing so. If the brave citizens in Illinois can achieve such results on a local level, then certainly all of us participating can achieve victory on a national level. Let’s get this show going!


Islam 101 and Lying, Part III.b – Conclusion

In this final section of the series on lying in Islam, I examine the account recorded in the bible (Genesis chapter 20) when Abraham, to save his own life, told King Abimelech that Sarah—his wife—was his sister, not his wife. In fact, Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister, but this was still a lie; a lie of omission, and misleading. Sarah agreed to his request and lied as well. In history’s record, Abraham lied to Abimelech after God had declared Abraham righteous. Abraham’s right standing with God was established on Abraham’s belief in God’s promises that He would in fact give Abraham an heir from his own body, and beyond just an heir, countless direct descendants. (Gen 15) These are promises of life. They require Abraham’s participation. In order for God’s promises to Abraham to actualize, Abraham must live for at least the time of the first promise, his having an heir; or, at minimum, Sarah conceiving.

Now, consider carefully Abraham’s words when confronted by Abimelech about the lie:

‘“Why did you do it?”

“Abraham answered, ‘I thought that there would be no one here who has reverence for God and that they would kill me to get my wife. She really is my sister. She is the daughter of my father, but not of my mother, and I married her. So when God sent me from my father’s house into foreign lands, I said to her, “You can show how loyal you are to me by telling everyone that I am your brother.”’” (Good News Translation, Gen 20:10-13)

I have purposefully excluded much of the recorded event to keep this piece short. Many insights can be mined from this passage, but I am restricting my comments to align with our study.

Abraham’s reason for lying was, ultimately, that he did not believe (trust) God. This seems quite odd, given that believing God for an heir and countless descendants is the ground upon which God declared Abraham righteous. (Gen 15:6) Abraham’s faith in God, His sovereignty and commitment to His word, that God would do what He said He would do, anchored Abraham’s life. So, where was Abraham’s faith and trust in God now? He feared for his life. Why? Could it be that Abraham did not know this God he trusted like he thought he did? That seems a legitimate theory. Let’s look at it.

First, Abraham assumed the king and his people did not know God. Another bible version translates Abraham’s answer to Abimelech’s question, “the fear of God is not in this place.” Or, looking at it another way, “God is not in this place.” Second, following from the first reason, Abraham also assumed that once the people saw Sarah, the king would learn of her beauty, order Abraham—her husband—killed, then the king would marry her. He intended to marry her, anyway.

Let’s be very clear on one thing: God did not approve of Abraham lying. No exemptions. No privileged ways of viewing the nature of the lie based on certain perceived outcomes. Abraham’s end (living) did not justify his means (lying). And, contrary to Abraham’s convictions, God was in fact quite present and aware of what was happening. God knew accurately why these things were happening. He knew who was culpable for what, because He can see into people’s hearts. And, in His mercy, God intervened to save those Abraham thought had no reverence for God. While Abraham was the one God made promises to and a covenant with, He first confronts Abimelech. Now, how does that make any sense?  Let’s look at it.

“One night God appeared to him [Abimelech] in a dream and said, “You are going to die, because you have taken this woman; she is already married.”

 But Abimelech had not come near her, and he said, “Lord, I am innocent! Would you destroy me and my people?  Abraham himself said that she was his sister, and she said the same thing. I did this with a clear conscience, and I have done no wrong.”

God replied in the dream, “Yes, I know that you did it with a clear conscience; so I kept you from sinning against me and did not let you touch her. But now, give the woman back to her husband. He is a prophet, and he will pray for you, so that you will not die. But if you do not give her back, I warn you that you are going to die, you and all your people.”(Gen 20:3-7)

Under the tenets of Islam, Abraham’s lie would have been acceptable because the objective was praiseworthy—Abraham staying alive, thus God’s promises could be fulfilled. Abraham could not achieve this objective by telling the truth, but he could by lying. (Reliance of the Traveller r8.1-.2)

Under Islam, Abraham’s lie would have been acceptable because the end justified the means—Abraham needed to live to have the heir God promised—and Abraham chose a more religiously acceptable form of lying called “misleading.” (RT r8.2)

According to Islam, Abraham’s lie would have been acceptable because of the greater good—from Abraham was to come not just an heir for him, but innumerable people who would be his descendants beyond count; two of whom would be Isaac and Ishmael. So, Abraham put the greater good ahead of telling the truth. (RT r8.2, r10.0-.3)

Now, while Abraham acted hypocritically toward Sarah, Abimelech, and the town’s people, I don’t believe the case can be made that he gains justification for using lying through hypocrisy. The reason is that for lying by hypocrisy to be a non-sinful lie it must benefit the parties lied to. Abraham had himself in mind. He lied for his own selfish benefit. (RT r16.0-.2)

Summing up: Islam, as supported by sections addressing lying in Reliance of the Traveller, would justify Abraham’s lying to king Abimelech by at least: (1) perceiving lying as the better way to obtain the goal or end of God’s promises actualizing; (2) that the end justified the means; the truth would not obtain what lying would; Abraham feared death, his staying alive was needed for God to fulfill His promises; and, (3) assuaging the king who would have harmed him. Sarah was technically his sister. Who would be hurt by Sarah and Abraham passing themselves off as brother and sister?

Abraham naturally used lies. Islam naturally uses lies. One way Islam justifies its use of lying and deception comes from its worldview that Islam is always at war with the non-Islamic world, and lying is permitted during war. Abraham was convinced that God was not in the lives of Abimelech and his people. But, we learn from God’s word that God knew full well what was going on with the king and his people. God shows us in Genesis 20 that His ways were not Abraham’s ways. God held Abimelech accountable for taking Sarah, and Abimelech had not yet married her. But, he intended to. God’s mercy reached out to Abimelech before Abraham. God saved Abimelech from sinning against Him. God instructed Abimelech on how to deal with the situation, make restitution to Sarah and Abraham, then submit himself to Abraham to be prayed for. Wow! Talk about a divine makeover!

Abraham was wrong in his outlook that God was not present among king Abimelech and his people. The Islamists are also wrong in believing God is not active in the lives of those outside of Islam. Yet, Muslims slaughter thousands of people God may be actively working with.

Abraham was wrong in his view that lying is ok, for any reason. Muslims are as well.

God’s relations with king Abimelech, like with Abraham, were for life! See also this fact stated at the end of Genesis 20. Instead of having learned from this history of God and Abraham, and God’s value on life, Islamists pursue the death of those not Muslim, all of which may be part of God’s work in ways not discernable to Muslims because of their errors on lying.

God sees and relates to the inward of a person, not just one’s actions. Islam places emphasis on outward acts, when it comes to lying. (RT r16.1)

If Islam claims to be the faith of Abraham, then, like Abraham, do they not also need to be corrected by God regarding lying?

Merely looking at the issue of lying in Islam, the conclusion must be that Islam is a regression from the highest and best religion God ever gave to this world—that which was founded on the one who was like Him, Jesus Christ. The bible makes no mistake in declaring who the true and the final prophet, the standard of purity and holiness, sinless, really is: Jesus Christ.

Therefore, Mohammed is a false prophet. He twisted God’s truth. Mohammed was a misleader. Therefore, Islam misleads.

Jesus would call such a one as Mohammed “one who is of the devil,” as he did those who did not understand God’s ways and misled the people in his day.

I end with two final quotes. You decide.

“Satan, the Chief of Misguidance” (RT w55.3) Islam encourages misguidance.

Jesus Christ, “You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow your father’s desires. From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies.” (John 8:44)

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The Coalition: The Plan, 7

Oscar grabbed his Coke, headed to the table, and heard the ladies coming through the back door giggling rather conspiratorially. He asked them when they sat down, “What’s up with you two?”

Nicki, snickering, said, “Ron fell asleep in the backyard with his mouth open and we just left him there. Want us to wake him up?” Oscar, grinning, said, “I’ll take care of it,” but just then Ron stumbled in, thwarting Oscar’s idea for a prank. Ron was picking leaves out of his hair, and seeing everyone stare at him, asked, “What?” Oscar responded, “You woke up before I could show the ladies a trick I learned when I was younger!”

“Oh, so I guess I woke up just in time!” Ron chuckled and sat down.

Oscar continued, “All right, everyone. Notice that we have not been taking notes, and while you may want to, it’s important to have no written record of today’s discussion. What we talk about, whether now or in the future, must remain between only those who take part in those discussions. For instance, Nicki, if we talk by ourselves sometime today, whatever we talk about stays between us. Likewise, Ron and Cheryl, the same applies to our talks. This is called ‘compartmentalization’ and the entire Coalition has adopted this as a hard and fast rule for communicating. It is for your protection as well as the organization’s security. Everyone is responsible for maintaining security at all times, individually and as a group. I’ll have more details on security later. Any questions about this now?” No one had any questions.

“Ron, you wanted to talk about shotguns. What would you like to know?”

“Well, Oscar, Cheryl and I have a couple pistols, and we each have an AR. We’ve been thinking about getting a shotgun for Cheryl and wanted to know your thoughts about gauge.”

“Excellent question, Ron. That all depends. Cheryl, do you have any experience with shotguns? Have you fired a 12 gauge before?”

Cheryl answered, “Very little, actually. We shot a friend’s short-barrel 12 gauge the other day and it was a little intimidating. I didn’t really like shooting it.”

Oscar nodded knowingly. “Would the shotgun be strictly for home defense, which would be for short distances, or for hunting or sport shooting, which would also include longer distances?”

Cheryl answered, “Well, I’d really like to do both.”

“Ok,” Oscar said. “Here are some suggestions. A 20 gauge is great for both home defense and sport use. Remington and Mossberg make some of the best shotguns on the market. I’d recommend a pump action over semi-automatic because they are less likely to jam. For someone with a smaller frame, the 20 gauge is available in a youth model that is shorter and lighter than a full-size model. I’d look at those first. Cherry Valley Gun Club has variations of both available for rent. Try them out before you buy one. Keep in mind the need to have enough ammunition on hand, for all your weapons; buy it when you can. Gunbot is a great place to find ammunition deals. Only a few companies make buckshot for the 20 gauge so grab that when you see it, because it disappears quickly. You will want to load up on slugs as well. Decide on the gun, then let’s reconnect on the ammo. Does this help?”

“Yeah, Oscar, really great ideas! Thanks! That’s why we call you O-Man!” Ron’s respect for Oscar was obvious. “We’ll definitely start looking at those things later today,” Cheryl added.

Nicki spoke up. Looking at Oscar, she asked, “Hey, Oscar, aside from buying guns and ammunition for self-defense, what else are people doing to resist government overreach?

“Well, Nicki, let me think… Ok. Here’s something I heard recently. An individual who had been sharing the Coalition idea with others met a retired electrician. The electrician enjoyed reading survival novels but feared, as related in one novel, that his vehicles might be confiscated by authorities in an emergency. So he created dead man switches for all his vehicles that he can activate anytime and prevent his trucks and equipment from being stolen. He also developed electronic motion sensors for some Coalitionists to use during reconnaissance activities to cover blind spots. Now the guy is working on a personal jamming device for people to wear in public to prevent their phones and credit cards from being scanned.”

“Oscar, that’s wild. I cannot believe we are even having this conversation. This is so unreal.” Ron was reaching his saturation point and it was beginning to show. The heaviness of an unchained authoritarian government weighs people down.

“Now,” Oscar went on, “clearly the retired electrician is making a difference with his knowledge and skills. And that is precisely the point of the Coalition. We do not want to lay additional burdens on anyone. We want people to apply their own knowledge, at their own pace and comfort level, in support of the purposes and goals of the Coalition. Coalitionist actions to thwart enemies of the Constitution can be either direct or indirect, major or minor, and they all matter.

“Two more examples: Retired people and college students. Retired people have free time. Many travel. A group of Coalitionist retirees who are also RV’ers is setting up a nationwide network of safe houses, supply caches, and contacts. Some have indicated that they are open to providing temporary lodging and transportation. They are also gathering intel. Many of them are retired military, so they know what to do, and involvement in the Coalition brings them great satisfaction.

“College students are going undercover in campus student organizations. I cannot give specific names, but some of the student organizations are extremely hate filled. What these kids are doing is really gutsy. One of these individuals has been recording conversations and compiling other evidence that will be used in support of a suit being filed against the school. About that, I cannot say any more. But the majority of students at that school are fed up with the hypocrisy of groups that spew hate while claiming to be the victims of hate, and they’re fighting back.”

This brought nods and murmurs of satisfaction from the group. “This is very hopeful news indeed, Oscar,” Cheryl affirmed.

“Remember,” Oscar said, “you are all here to be doing instead of just reading and talking and complaining about what’s not being done. So, let’s brainstorm what you might consider as next steps. I’m going to let each of you lead the discussion for a while. How’s that sound?”

(To be continued in The Plan, 8)

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The Coalition: The Plan, 6

Oscar knocking on the door a particular way let Jo know he was entering alone and without any threats. Looking over her shoulder, smiling, she asked, “So, how’s the group this morning? I heard Nicki react to something.” Oscar replied, “That was when I mentioned Grover Norquist was a NRA board member. Nicki’s a member and Norquist’s Islamist sympathies upset her. Frankly, Jo, if the truth about that guy were known to NRA members there would be quite the exodus. NRA members need to know about him and press the organization to get rid of him, or terminate their membership. There are other organizations like the NRA people can join, but without Norquist’s influence and compromise. By the way, I’d like Cheryl to spend some time with you. She’s a good intel candidate. Any opportunities coming up?”

“Actually, yes, Oscar, this Wednesday evening I have a function. Starts at 7. We should be done by 10 or so. Why don’t you mention that to her, and that I’ll chat with her before she and Ron leave today.” “Sounds good, sweetie. Thanks!” Oscar hugging her around the shoulders was a comfort to them both. Sometimes a simple hug means the world to them, given all they’ve been through together.

Oscar continued, “Anything interesting from your morning?” Replying, Jo stood up from her chair, stretched, a big smile on her face, “Ah . . .! Oh it feels good to stretch!” She reached for the ceiling. “Yes. Today was great! I know you need to get back with the others, but let me have a minute or two. The community group up in Harper City had a really good turnout. While discussing the Coalition idea with a couple of ladies, we got off on tangents, and talked about where each of us grew up. What life was like growing up, you know, all that good personal stuff. I said that one of my desires is to get an old station wagon like my parents had when I was growing up.” Oscar knew what was coming, and he straightened himself, crossed his arms, and could not help but start smiling. Jo continued, “So, this guy overhears us and he has one to sell!”

“Jo, you’re kidding, right?”

“No, Oscar, I’m not! This thing is great! And you promised!”

“I know. I know! I did. But, Jo, this was an intel meeting. Listening and sowing the Coalition idea . . .” Oscar didn’t have a chance to finish the sentence. Jo already had the picture up on her laptop. “Just let me show you, dear. Then I’ll give you some really good news.” Jo was good at persuading. Seeing her excited and engaging things was just really great. “Here, look at this. It doesn’t have all the options I’d like, but with the custom work I want to do, this model is close enough.”

“Ok, Jo. Let’s look at it further this evening.” That was good enough for her.

“Now, Oscar, here’s the good stuff. The guy selling the wagon is Art Leatherwood. He’s a rifle scope manufacturer.”

“Wait, Jo, Art Leatherwood? Did he mention the ‘Art Scope’?”

“Actually, he did. Yeah. Why?”

“I have a few of those. Remember the auto ranging scopes I came across years ago; the type where a person unfamiliar with mil-dot math can easily and quickly shoot like a sharpshooter?”

“Yeah. Vaguely,” she replied.

“That’s the line of scopes I hoped to recommend for people who want to shoot effectively at longer distances but don’t have the time or, these days, the patience for formal training. The Auto Ranging and Close/ Medium Ranging scopes are excellent; a great solution for anyone developing quick reaction forces as part of a community protection plan. The Freedom Fighters could benefit from access to these as well! So, he has the wagon for sale?”

“Yeah,” Jo said, knowing where Oscar’s mind just went.

“I’m happy to go look at that Vista Cruiser when he has time. Set it up when it makes sense.” That was easy, Jo said to herself.

“Oscar, we also talked about the Coalition. Art told me he has a lot going on right now, so it’s unclear what his interest and involvement might be, but he is encouraged to hear about it.”

“Nice, Jo. Very nice! Good work today. Anything else?”

“Yeah, actually there is Oscar. Max contacted me. He said the trip to California was promising. He and Gigi talked with one custom motorcycle shop. They need a week or so to come up with a design and estimate. Max told me they were so excited with the challenge of building a custom bike for the Freedom Fighters. The owner said they’ve never had their minds stretched like this before. They’re stoked! So, that’s moving along pretty well.

“Max reported that the new group of Freedom Fighter candidates in Arizona looks good. A couple of military recon guys are solid, flexible, and can be used as needed. One medic who works at a hospital wants to contribute to the Coalition by moving out to one of the farms. He’s single. Two retired men with private pilot licenses and who own aircraft are interested in working with the Freedom Fighter Aviation group. Max told me these two have excellent aerial photography skills and would be a real asset when searching for those Islamic training camps and assembly points in Arizona and neighboring states. They are open to working along the southern border also. Max told me one is involved with the 3 Percenters and has good tactical training. The other guy lives near some sort of FEMA or Army Reserve base. Said the activity there has really picked up. Lots of vehicle traffic. Both of these men, Max said, know others who would jump at the chance to be involved in the Coalition, so Max is bringing one of his people in to begin working with these two.”

“That’s great, Jo. What else?”

“Gigi is doing her work on the east coast as planned. She’ll contact Max when she’s done out there. Umm, let’s see, Max is on his way to location 3SC and wants you there, along with the Planner. 5M is the time. He’s visiting a couple of the colonies before he meets with you and will update when he sees you. So, things seem to be going really well right now, Oscar. But, here is the last item Max mentioned. He might have a mole in this new group of candidates. He’s already set things in motion to confirm that and deal with it as needed. He did set a diversion group in motion and wanted to be sure you understood that.”

“That’s good, Jo. Ever since we learned the FBI was on to us, it’s been interesting to scramble things as we do, and somehow we still know what’s going on,” Oscar commented. “Jo, I need to get back with the others and wrap things up for now. Oh, please check into this report of a map vendor that caved to Islamists and when it printed new maps for use in the Middle East, Israel was excluded. If valid, please move this issue on to the bloggers. Yet another sign that Islamic pressure has free reign to influence as it wills. Tell them to hammer extra hard on this one.”

“Will do, O-Man!” Jo saluted as she acknowledged his request.

“I know you get a kick out of all these names, Jo. Oh, I need to connect Nicki with our other makeup artist; what’s her name?”


“Yeah, Randi. Always struck me as an odd name for a woman, but, anyway, Nicki has great talent with makeup. The beard she’s made for me is so natural! No one has said a word about it. So, let Randi know someone is coming her way shortly, will you?” Again, Jo saluted and Oscar chuckled as he left the room, closing the door behind him. As he headed back to the kitchen, he thought to himself, “Just a couple of more hours today, Lord, please guide my mind and heart, and may all we do here today honor You and may You grant us wisdom and success over those who deny Your Son and dishonor You, and are savage upon so many. Let not those who hate You be successful. Confuse them according to the complexity of their own plans and all they call wisdom. Grant us strength to shield people from the wicked and bloodthirsty who take joy in causing suffering, and use us to preserve life and aid those in need. In Christ’s name, amen.

“All right you three, come on back in and let’s get going.” Oscar hummed softly as he grabbed a Diet Coke from the frig.

(To be continued in The Plan, 7)

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